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Bridging the Digital Divide
N. Leily Khatibi
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San Jose State University
Thesis Supervisor
Andrew Blanton
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andrew.blanton AT
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G. Craig Hobbs, Rhonda Holberton
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Digital Media Art
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English, Farsi
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Art, Technology, Design, Augmented Reality, Storytelling
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Reflecting on the history of my own life and growing up with a digital divide, I looked into previous works where I addressed the algorithmic bias. These preliminary experiments lead to my current work focusing on a bio-digital divide and the anthropocentric bias. My multimedia thesis project, titled Interconnecting with the Wood Wide Web, questions how humans can better integrate technology with biological systems to form a symbiotic relationship with the environment. This thesis proposes an exploration of using Augmented Reality to tackle global issues such as the digital divide and ecological crisis. I utilize notions of Design Fiction and Moist Media to form a theoretical framework for bridging three constructed areas of the digital divide. My research-based approach emphasizes the geopolitical and social inequity division, the hybrid spaces in between the digital/virtual and physical/real worlds, and the disconnection of virtual and vegetal domains. This future-facing and speculative series of works, which constitutes two interactive exhibitions and multiple workshops, provides a platform for participants to collectively tell stories and envision a sustainable future by merging the technosphere and the biosphere. Further, I plan to contribute to the advancing field of Extended Reality, as a lens to restore our bond with nature.