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the transformation of the look and the creativity from the technical and technological innovations: Historical Vanguards and contemporanity
Raquel Caerols Mateo
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Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Javier Díez Álvarez
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jdiez AT edu.ucm
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art, science, technology, creative processes
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The transformations in the processes of creation and the gaze acquire greater complexity when they interact in their processes with technical and technological innovations. This fact has its beginning and origin and its why in the birth of Modern thought. The invention of the camera and the subsequent turn in the creative processes and those of the gaze, circumscribe a new crossroads in the binomial creativity and technology. Paying attention to the turns of the episteme and sociocultural aspects as central elements of this transformation, defines the central lines of our research. We begin the journey of this research in the birth of Modern thought, when the interrelation of art, science and technology begins, genesis that of the episteme of Modernity (Kemp, 2000). The second turn of Modernity we place in the decades of the invention of the camera and the cinematographer, having these devices a central presence in the workshop of artists. Until the birth of the electronic image with the appearance of the first portable video camera, the Sony Portapack. This study, which is approached from the formulated episteme of thinking models based on the interrelation of art, science and technology, as well as the sociocultural references that sustain these changes, highlights a humanistic vision of the transformations of creative processes in its involvement with technology, being this subsidiary of said transformations.