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The Arcientic Andism - My Romantic Manifesto
Dr. Denise Schellmann
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June 14th 2019
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University of Applied Arts Vienna
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Virgil Widrich
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virgil.widrich AT
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Art & Science
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german, english
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manifesto, arcientic andism, art, science, artscience, transdisciplinarity
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Driven by an inner conflict? Denise Schellmann is actively involved in both fine art and traditional science, as well as in the special field of art & science itself. She is ranging between divergent categories. Or are they actually the same? What is art? What is science? What is art & science? How can she obtain stability in the indefinable realm between art and science? How should the artist practice? How should she define her novel categories? Schellmann’s mission is to explore her personal perception on the border between these two fictitious worlds. Her mission is to unite and to bridge them. And she questions: Is this possible at all? My romantic manifesto of the Arcientic Andism is an unofficial pronouncement directed only at Denise Schellmann herself. This is her path, her personal path to access the indefinable area between art and science. „Arcientic“ is a composition of the terms „art“ and „science“. „Andism“ originates from the word „and“. It is the literal conjunction between art AND science, which provides their fusion. In this andistic interspace, neihter categories nor limitations guarantee certainty and stability. A non–category defines this indefinable area. In her additional video performance Schellmann refers to the transitory validity of principles, of rules. Her inner voice guides her towards the "13 oughts" of her romantic manifesto of the Arcientic Andism. She explores several intimate options of constructing and deconstructing it. In the end there should be an AND, not an OR!