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Black Body Radiation
Melisa Palacio / Claire Dorweiler
2nd Author
Claire Dorweiler
3rd Author
MFA Media Art & Design
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Bauhaus-Universtät Weimar, Germany
Thesis Supervisor
Prof. Dr. Walter Bauer-Wabnegg
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walter.bauer-wabnegg AT
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Prof. Micky Remann
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Media FAculty / Multimedia Design
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English, German, Spanish
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Blackbody Radiation, visual science, multimedia performance, interdisciplinarity, Max Planck, science & Art
Abstract: 200-500 words
BLACK BODY RADIATION Degree Work / Note: 1.0 Summa Cum Laude Awarded with Bauhaus-Abschlussstipendium 2015 (Bauhaus Degree Scholarship 2015); Bauhaus Universität - Weimar Nominated for the "Medienkunstpreis2016" (MediaArt Prize2016); Bauhaus Universität - Weimar Abstract BLACK BODY RADIATION contributes to build an interdisciplinary bridge between science and art taking as starting point the blackbody radiation experiment made by Max Planck in 1900. Physicists mean by a "body" and "radiation" something other than dancers. The multimedial performance broaches and illustrates the interplay of meanings. Black Bodies are not only understood in the performance objectively and physically, but also subjectively; as a metaphor into a limited space, into which photons, atoms, human mind and human bodies act and interact - in other words: dance. The light is the energy that vibrates and oscillates inside this space, inside the blackbody cavity it collides against the walls, pursues not to be confined and heats the body. The scenes take place onto semitransparent screens placed at an angle. The performers interact with projections illustrating characteristics of light in different proportions. The dramaturgical curve starts at the Planck's blackbody, clips the chemical effects of light on photographic paper and stretches up to the interaction of people in urban areas. The phases of the Performance reflect the mutability over the conception of body: in physical experiments, he is an object, in each subject he is made of flesh and blood, as a city, it contains the body movements of people, lights, emotions and collisions. BLACK BODY RADIATION wants to develop a hybrid language, able to connect science and performing arts rather than to explain scientific theories in the usual words and to provide them with attractive pictures. The scientific revolutions that have moved the human spirit, modern society and sciences, lay the foundation for such bridge of communication. With this, scientific discoveries can be exposed to people in an artistic way, so that another vision of science is possible.