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A Study on Method to Enhance Effectiveness and Presence of Interactivity in Networked Performance : Based on the Analysis of ‘Good Morning Mr. Orwell’
Jungsun Park
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Master of Science
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Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
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Kwangyun Wohn
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wohn AT
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Culture Technology
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Korean, English
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Networked performance, Telematic performance, Nam June Paik, Good Morning Mr. Orwell, Telematics, Presence, Interactivity
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This research defines the concept of a “Networked Performance” as a form of performance arts where interactions between remote performers are achieved by linking multiple sites into a network. This research also intensively analyzes and ordinates theoretical components relevant to networked performances and types of interaction within it. Based on these theories’ ordinations does this research ordinate representative cases of networked performances through 1910s to 2010s. Nam Jun Paik’s “Good Morning Mr. Orwell (1984)”, a milestone in the history of networked performances, is dissected and analyzed along its artistic, social, and technological aspects, along with its defining aspects as a networked performance. Based on the resulting assessment, it is proposed taking “Good Morning Mr. Orwell,” which was then using satellites and TV, and reworking it into the networked per-formance, “Good Morning Mr. Paik 2014,” but one that makes use of today’s high-speed internet, digital video technology, and internet pop culture. Meanwhile, this research takes the problems arisen in the implementation and realization of such networked performances and defines them in terms of interaction between remote performers. Then for solving these problems, a method is presented regarding raising effectiveness and presence of interactivity between performers. The following experiments will verify their practicality.