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Magic Objects: transforming objects of virtual subjectiveness into interactive adventures in mixed reality systems
Carmen Platero Vázquez
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Universitat Pompeu Fabra
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Narcis Pares
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narcis.pares AT
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Iván Pintor
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Department of Communication
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Spanish/ English
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magic objects, everyday objects, archetypal objects, monomyth, interactive adventures, interactive fiction, interactive experience, mixed reality, affordance, interaction model, interaction design, tangible interaction, embodied interaction
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Within the context of interactive systems that generate stimuli in real time, we are searching for new forms of communication in adventure fiction that may improve user experience. To this end, we have taken from Narratology, archetypal objects that one may identify as “magic”, the uses and properties of which often provide powers and potential to the protagonists of stories to evolve into heroes and open a door to the world of adventure. These everyday objects, taken from stories and converted into tangible objects, allow the user, within an interactive experience, to have a “natural” interaction that encourages discovering new potential through action, while guiding and involving her in the adventure and transforming her into the protagonist of the fiction experience. The Virtual Subjectiveness, as an interaction design model, provides the user with coherent point of view that is transformed along the journey by the use of these special objects. This conforms an original view on everyday objects as narrative engines within real time generated experiences. A guide for interaction design and a renewed model of interaction based on specifications of the medium provide designers and authors with analytic and production tools for creating interactive experiences into the same framework.