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Laser Techniques As An Approach to enrich The Contemporary Visual Arts.
Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien
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Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.
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Prof Dr. Hisham Imam
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Arabic & English
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New media branch, Drawing and painting Dept. / Visual arts, New Media
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Laset Art, Light Art, Plasma Art, Spectroscopy Art,
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The laser light and its applications in contemporary visual arts will be discussed in this research. This research goes to focus on the physical and chemical laser applications in contemporary visual arts, and examines some of scientific theories to explain conceptual and technical aspects in laser artworks, like theory of information and theory of communication. Also the study reveals on the special properties that make laser light unique among other light sources in light artworks, through laser artworks theoretically and practically. The major question in the research problem is: to what extent physics of laser light has a significant role to change the nature of contemporary visual artworks? The research could be able to discover the historical roots of laser artworks philosophically and technically. Also this research would achieve new potential approaches to explain and document new artistic values, which are result of laser light usage in contemporary artworks conceptually and practically. The outcomes of this research could be determined in design new classifications for kinds of laser artworks, therefore enrichment contemporary visual arts trends by accurate analytical studies and practical experiments in laser artworks through the third phase of contemporary visual arts that was special phase, where the sciences were not only used in a limited way as it were in last phases, but also the art and sciences became two sides for one coin. The artwork became achieved at laboratories and artists and scientists became have a common path, to extent that the arts were classified by the kind of scientific techniques that are used to achieve it. According to that, the third phases in visual arts included the main three artistic trends, Laser art, Bio art and Mechatronic art. Of course laser light as an artwork has the biggest chance to be expanded more than two other kinds of these trends, because its special spatial and temporal coherence leading to speckle and allowing signal processing, interference patterns, very narrow beam width and very narrow line width which leads to strong and pure colors. Therefore artistically it has extraordinary ability to interact with different environments and audiences.