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Reuniting Science and Art Through Museum Exhibitions
Monika Lea Jones
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Masters in Museum Studies
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San Francisco State University
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Dr. Edward Luby
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emluby AT
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Mark Johnson
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Museum Studies
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English, Spanish, Hindi
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Art, Science, Museum, Museums, Exhibit, Exhibition, Collaboration, Inclusive, Curation, Roles, Artist, Scientist, ArtScience, ArtScientist, BioArt, BioDesign, NewMedia, Informal Learning, Experiential Learning, Education, Hegel, Hegelian Dialectic, Living
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Science and art, while traditionally divided into disciplines, are intrinsically related as modes of human inquiry and expression. However, since museum work is necessarily interdisciplinary in nature, it is surprising that many museums are not prepared to exhibit multidisciplinary work, such as BioArt, or provide collaborator roles across disciplines for artists and scientists. In this thesis, the process of developing museum exhibitions that integrate art and science is examined. A literature review along with case studies of three museums is conducted. It is concluded that while these practices challenge the traditional modes of curation and exhibition, museums and visitors can greatly benefit from opportunities for engagement that such work provides. Interdisciplinary collaborations are catalyzing bridges for innovative discoveries and the process itself must be preserved as a key tool for humanity. Museums as spaces of informal learning are ideal locations for this integrated information to be shared with public audiences.