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Architecture as optical machine. A visual deformation through light.
Eleni-Ino Theodorou
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MA Arts et Technologies de l’Image Virtuelle
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Universite Paris 8 (France) & Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece)
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Chu-Yin Chen
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chu-yin.chen AT
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Manthos Santorinaios
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Department ATI/ Arts et Technologies de l'Image
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English, French, Greek
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Architecture, Projection Mapping, Light, Art & Technology, Interactivity, Interactive Art, Virtual
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The general consideration of architecture as an art closely related to light could be reduced to its conceptualization as an ‘optical machine’; a machine able to capture or reflect light in a way that visually deforms its own geometry and sets the conditions for the emergence of an infinite series of volumetric qualities. From the appearance of “Light Art”, to today’s luminous immersive environments, projection mapping has emerged as an attempt to blur the boundaries between real and virtual, in order to create a total spatial experience, through the use of a non-tangible material, that is to say light. The essay attempts to cartography the variety of the medium's applications throughout the last century; moreover, it reflects on the spatial qualities that have emerged, the techniques used and the human role in that. In the bounds of this research, the project TimeCube was created; a small-scale, experimental installation of interactive projection mapping, that premiered in the Laval Virtual Festival '014. TimeCube reflects on the exploration of surfaces through light, in a way that could potentially advance to a completely new way of designing different perceptions of spatial realities, via the superimposition of a virtual layer over the real one.