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Identification Mathematical Patterns and Behavioral-physiological isomorphisms In Expression Of Model Abstract Art
Danilo Andrade de Meneses
2nd Author
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Master (in progress)
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not yet finalized
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
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Maira Monteiro Fróes
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froes AT
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José Otávio Pompeu e Silva
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History of science, techniques and epistemology
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Poutuguese, English and French
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abstract art; cognitive neuroscience; biophisics; mathematical patterns
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At all levels, from the biophysical/biological for cognitive-behavioral operate creatively structuring order - or structuring of intelligence. Such structuring would be identifiable as isomorphic related expression multimodal demonstration. Therefore, any detectable in human functioning level.             In abstract art, in particular, bet on the assumption that the work of art expresses a meta-readable code. We are interested in the attempt, the search for this coding system, we believe printed on neurophysiological and behavioral activities dictated by cognitive processing unaware.            So my goal is to investigate the possibility of equivalent mathematical patterns in physiological and behavioral traces from the artist when creating abstractionist artwork, as conductance measurements of skin temperature and wrist acceleration relating them pictorial draws of the finished structure.