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Voice Interfaces in Hypermediatic Environments
Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel
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Master's Degree in Art
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University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Silvia R. Laurentiz
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laurentz AT
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School of Communications and Arts
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Portuguese, English, Spanish
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interface, voice, web, hypermedia, art, telecommunication, voicexml, voice recognition, speech synthesis
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This research is concerned with the conceptual thinking about a specific interface: voice interface and its potential to create new interactive and artistic possibilities in hypermediatic environments. The human dream of talking to computers has existed for a long time in the realm of scientific fiction; however it is becoming true as a widely accessible and available option in global computer networks through the Internet just from the beginning of the 21st century. New interaction modes bring new possibilities as much as new challenges. This work focuses on the actual context of voice interfaces and the new emergent opportunities and challenges from their uses. The scope also comprehends a research about interactive art works and projects that somehow use voice technologies – voice/speech synthesis or recognition – in some degree during the interaction. It is also a component part of the present work the development of an artistic experimentation on the Web with an intelligent voice interface, i.e., speech synthesis and recognition – the moZaico de voSes (Voice Mosaic): The dissertation contains six chapters plus the Introduction and Conclusion: 1) Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis Technologies; 2) Artworks Related to Voice; 3) Voice Interfaces; 4) Hypermedia and Interactivity in Voice Interfaces; 5) Hybridization and Convergence; 6) Application: The Voice Mosaic. An appendix presents the Voice Mosaic's program source code and another one the Timeline of Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis Technologies.