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Virtual space model for industrial design
Gianluca Mura
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PhD, Doctor in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication
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Politecnico di Milano,University,Faculty of Industrial Design
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Prof. Alberto Seassaro
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Prof.Andrea Branzi
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INDACO Department / Industrial design,Arts and Multimedia Communication
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Design, Art, virtual reality, aesthetics, sense, knowledge, participation, experience, virtual environment.
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This thesis proposes the possible scenario that virtual reality offers,to bridge the gap which exists in the need for suitable systemic and multimodal methodology, dedicated to the Industrial Design culture. The complexity of the Industrial Design discipline and its inherent problems that should be solved,implicates a development of a planning solution for the realities of the global network. The interdisciplinary approach integrates different and complementary knowledge fields like psychology,art,museology and museography, communication science,information science and the engineering culture.The virtual environment is described with the total sensorial inclusion and the active partecipation of the user.These elements are fundamental for the experience creation and knowledge acquiring.The thesis describes the modality within new technologies, which contributes to the development of proper tools and practice, to support new planning scenaries of the virtual environments.The research has been developed in three different levels:the cultural information design level,the structural mathematical-logical level of the artificial intelligence systems and aesthetic interpretation level through the artistic language. The state-of-the-art analyses on virtual reality evolution and the representation of cultural systems on the Net, has conducted the research into the definition of the dynamic system model hypotheses for the Industrial Design culture.This research introduces a methodology for the realization of new virtual realities through the language of abstract art. The union between the plastic elements and the fuzzy logic systems, found its expression with new aesthetic values. The virtual systems acquire form and meaning through its process of conceptual interpretation. The metaphor of the artistic machine finds its new realization that becomes aesthetic expression of the virtuality. Through the results analyses and discussions,will be given the possible future development and implementation fields.