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Virtual Reality Applications in Television Scenes
Sharif El-Sayed Sharif
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Alexandria University
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Dr/ Medhat Metwally
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drmedhatm AT
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Theater and set design
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English, Arabic
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Virtual Reality, Television, interactive, telepresence, Artificial reality
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By the increasing of computer applications in our daily bases, appeared in parallel the "virtual reality applications". Now virtual reality has an impact on our every day activities starting from the "Architectural Walk Through" passing by the "Scientific Visualization" to various artistic applications in Television, Theater and "Art Installations". In the last years, Virtual Reality Technologies were responsible for changing the television concept, which was – and still – a synonym to sending information in one direction. The crew behind and in front of the camera is responsible for sending the ideas and information, and the majority of the audiences are just receivers. Now so many interactive programs are available, depending on short message service "SMS" and "E-mails" to interact with the audience. We hope that Virtual Reality Technology will provide the TV creative creators, in the near future, unlimited tools to convert TV into an unlimited interactive virtual environment, which will exceed the barrier of just broad casting news and amusing programs. The technology supporting virtual reality, (Software, Input devices, and Display devices), provided a new synthetic artificial environment for design, where the designer is able to be immersed in, and be emerged with its virtual elements, to build his own virtual worlds.