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Transitive: Immersive Visualization of Real Time Network Transfers
Brenda A. Lopez Silva
2nd Author
Luc Renambot
3rd Author
Shalini Venkataraman
Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Visualization
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University of Illinois at Chicago
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Drew Browning
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Daniel Sandin, Dana Plepys, Jason Leigh, Franz Fischnaller
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Art and Design
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networking, visualization, real-time, 3D graphics, camera tracking
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Information visualization is a discipline that merges art, computer science and network engineering research to visually make complex systems simple and understandable. The Transitive project was conceived and developed to visualize point-to-point file transfers like those commonly exchanged on the Internet, but over a high-bandwidth link. It looks forward to when multimedia files will flow effortlessly over the now choked commodity Internet. Transitive visualizes multiple file transfers running concurrently over a 10/100Mbps local area network (LAN). A LAN's larger bandwidth is capable of supporting multimedia files and other bandwidth-intensive applications. Transitive visualizes the total capacity available on a defined network by measuring the bandwidth generated by data transferred between the compute nodes. All of the nodes run as part of the demonstration. In effect, Transitive is a visualization system of bandwidth between distributed system components. Tablet PCs and a ceiling-mounted camera serve as interface devices to the server. As the data is relayed to the server, the graphics client renders the 3D imagery on a projection-based virtual reality display. Each transfer is identifiable by a specific color, sound and behavior which depend on the current amount of data and instantaneous bandwidth received.