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The Symbiosis of Traditional and Digital Techniques
Petya I. Trapcheva-Kwan
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MFA Computer Art
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School of Visual Arts, New York
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Russet Lederman
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russetlederman AT
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Thesis Research and Writing
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English, Bulgarian, Russian
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traditional, digital, animation, painting, drawing, technology, comparison, William Kentridge, Shahzia Sikander, Nina Paley, Petya Trapcheva-Kwan, Trapcheva, retro, contemporary, old-fashioned, science, computer, reinvent, creation, expression, no boundar
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Art forms today are seen as either traditional or digital, and intense discussions over the value and potential of one technological approach over the other often take place. Such separation between art forms is unnatural and limiting. Instead of cutting the cord between the pre-digital and the digital era, special attention should be paid to the art expression cultivated by the merging of traditional with digital techniques. This essay will investigate the important role of such relationship by exploring the unique possibilities for artistic manifestation, as well as by proving the significant placement of such symbiosis of techniques in art history. Examples of art pieces by different generations of artist (William Kentridge, Shahzia Sikander, and Nina Paley), and their workflows will be explored as evidence of successful and seamless employment of both traditional and digital practices, dovetailing into each other by sharing form and idea.