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The Spatial Narration Model
Blanca Montalvo Gallego
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Politecnic University of Valencia, Spain
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Mª José Martinez de Pison Ramon
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mpison AT
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spanish, english
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narrativity, art, sculpture, video, installation, narration, spatial, interactive, multimedia, technology, narrations, interface, interactivity, author
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iThe aim of this thesis is to develop a model that we call The Spatial Narration Model, in order to approach the study of interactive installations created through multimedia technology, which develop non-linear narrations. We begin the study by introducing the general concept of The Spatial Narration Model and to do so we take into account its basic and defining characteristics. These features are derived from the Spatial Narration’s digital source, its time and space and the relation established between the author and the user, by means of digital interface and interactivity. The second part of the investigation continues the application of these initial characteristics of The Spatial Narration Model in order to analyse non-linear works. The works reflect examples from oral narrations of the ancient Greece, various examples of written narrations, screens plays/movies, audiovisual installations, hypertext and multimedia narrations on the internet. We have named these works antecedents, because they have helped us to make reference to points of a possible history of a dynamic narration that shows the characteristics, which define the works studied in coming sections of the thesis. In the third part we apply The Spatial Narration Model to the analysis of multimedia interactive installations which develop non-linear narrations. We have divided this model in four parts paying attention to the narrative structure they develop: works with a branched structure, works with a rhizome structure, algorithmic works and a third group which are characterized as being beyond the structure. In the conclusions we summarize the basic characteristics of The Spatial Narration Model once we have analysed the works and we delimit this model underlying the coincidences between the structures of the model and other unparallel narrations.