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The Culture and Phenomena of Cineclubs during Sixties in Yugoslavia and Influence of New Tendencies on GEFF Festival
Tomislav Brcic
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Universita' di Bologna
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Dr. Monica Dall'Asta
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Italian, Croatian, English
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Department for Arts, Music and Spectacular Disciplines
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English, Italian, German, Croatian
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film, abstract, experimental, GEFF, history, cinema undergrund, avanguard, author, antifilm, contrafilm, subversive film, structural film
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The Culture and Phenomena of Cineclubs during Sixties in Yugoslavia and Influence of New Tendencies on GEFF Festival <br />The scope of my magisterial work is to reflect the phenomena that was developed in sixties of the past century, and comprends the culture of amateur cineclubs that were founded for approaching the inventive and more close cinematography to the bigger audience. The research will take special spot on three cineclubs from Zagreb, Belgrade and Split. Further analyze will provide the meaning of experimental festival GEFF ( Genre Film Festival ) as main factor in realizing the ideas and results that authors brought in their films. The correspondence of five conversations, from april to may in 1962, is crucial and gave as the result autochthon theory about experimental film. The first part of elaborate brings short history of amateur cinematography that was developed from 1920 up to 1940; the moment of foundation of the first cineclub in Zagreb. This foundation emerge the basic characteristics of the first amateur films and first awards on domestic and foreign festivals. In extend we will take in consideration post II WW time and foundation of cineclubs in Belgrade and Split and technical equipment for film work. The GEFF is unavoidable in this context for his contribution in promotion of experiment in different artistic areas and the meaning of experiment mixed with the influence of the new tendencies and flamboyant enthusiasm of the participants. We will analyze fourteen short films produced from the side of three mentioned most significant cineclubs. The first twelve were presented in the part of London program which took place in 1998 and two of them were gifted by Petar Blagojevic, one of the interviewed members in Belgrade. Together this group of films are giving the representative choice in amateur and experimental cinematography of that decade, and today must have the anthological and priceless historic meaning. Eighth authors were took in consideration that was the most active with their glorious ideas and results in the field of seventh art. At the end we discuss the phenomena of the cineclubs that was on the top in the first decade of 1960, but never valorized as one strong and valuable movement inside the recent culture and artistic circle of that age. What means that entire movement was never institutionalized historically until this research.