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The Commercialisation of Space Flight will lead to a New Renaissance
Nigel Banks
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BA Hons Fine Art
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Plymouth, UK
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Eileen Rosamond
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Fine Art
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Space Flight Commercialisation Overview Artists World Leaders New Renaissance
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We are at the dawn of a new age. After years of waiting the time is coming when we will be able to purchase a ticket and fly into space. This ability has been the domain of government astronauts since manned space flight started in April 1961. Now in early 2011 less than six hundred humans have travelled into space. Most of them have stayed in Low Earth Orbit. Twenty seven have left Earth’s gravity and travelled to the moon. Twelve have walked on the moon’s surface. Nine of them are alive today. It is a very exclusive club. This exclusivity is about to be lost as President Obama has signalled his intention that he wants the business of getting into Low Earth Orbit to be taken away from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and given to the commercial sector. This is the start of a process that will allow access to space for thousands of people over the next two to three hundred years. At the beginning this will be just a quick up and down into space and return. This will be followed by orbital flight, then by visits to commercial space stations. Eventually flights out to and around the moon will be commonplace and maybe one day there will be hotels on the moon. The passengers in these space ships will not be the hard core typical astronaut with a military, test pilot and engineering background. They will be our poets, authors, film makers, musicians, architects, artists, politicians and religious leaders. This new perspective of the Earth as seen from space, this ‘Overview’, could trigger a New Renaissance.