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Tea House Vending Machine
Jing Zheng
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Master of Fine Arts
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Parsons the New School for Design
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Anezka Sebek, Barbara Morris
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Design and Technology
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Chinese, English
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tea, tea house, nature, peace, urban, city, life, rhythm, natural, cultural, hectic, busy, pressure, inner perception of nature, inner connection
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The hectic rhythm of urban life makes quiet contemplation and rejuvenation in nature impossible. “Tea House” aims to reconnect people to nature in their everyday city lives through the process of making and drinking tea, which symbolizes and condenses the rhythm of nature on a cultural and philosophical level. This idea is materialized in three video and sound collages featuring green, black and flower tea respectively, and these collages are integrated into an artistically designed vending machine. This user-triggered video and sound installation establishes the symbolic personal connection to nature by providing choices of different teas, and at the same time raises people’s awareness of the stressful and hectic urban life style. Instead of dodging the conflict between hectic urban rhythms and the slow-paced feeling of nature, the design exploits this conflict intentionally and ironically in the form of a vending machine to distribute the feeling of peace provided by nature via taking advantage of urban instant gratification.