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stories in between: a dissertation
drew davidson
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university of texas at austin
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sandy stone and ron greene
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lynn miller, john slatin, joni jones, richard shiff, paul gray
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communication studies
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english, french
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stories, narrative, media, games, comics, web, hypertext, performance
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This is an academic study and a narrative about stories and their mediums [1]. [4] If you choose, you can decipher the puzzle and connect the links; if not, you can read straight through [5]. [3] Links in and between the digital and analog are keyed through repeated symbols (colors, words, numbers, images, etc.) creating a rhizomatic web [4]. [2] Images, colors, words, numbers and links are used to code and layer this chapter [3]. [5] Either way, stories are related and experienced [repeat]. [1] You can experience the story and play with the ideas as you puzzle through the words and images [2]. This is a unique text exploring the interplay between narratives and mediums (focusing on how computers are changing what stories are and can be). TheMyst story grand is discussed, as the narrative goes from game to books to comic to games (Riven, Myst III, Uru, Myst IV). Along the way the Sandman comics are explored as well as and the hypermedia of Ultima Online and MitterNachtSpiel. The form of this text is what makes it so unique. It is a hypertextual hybrid, existing in two mediums together. This text was created hypertextually to exist online as a website with an inter-related discursive map, or text. They are two sides of the same coin, existing in tension together, relating similar information differently. There are a variety of layers and threads of linkings that weave the document together into a rich multi-dimensional tapestry of multilinear, lyrical experiences.