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Relations about Art and Science at Museums and Science Centres from 1969 until 2000
Maria do Rosário de Assumpção Braga
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House of Oswaldo Cruz at Oswaldo Cruz'Foundation Institute (FIOCRUZ) - Brasil
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Luciana Sepúlveda Köptcke
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History of Health' Sciences
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portuguese, spanish, english
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Art, Science, Museums, Science Centres, Popularization of Science and Art
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Braga, Maria do Rosário de Assumpção Relações entre Arte e Ciência em Centros e Museus de Ciências / Maria do Rosário de Assumpção Braga. - Rio de Janeiro: 2004. 230 fls. ; il. ; 30 cm. Dissertação (Mestrado em História das Ciências da Saúde)- Casa de Oswaldo Cruz - FIOCRUZ, 2004. Bibliografia: f. 173-183. 1. Ciência. 2. Arte 3. Museus. 4. Divulgação Científica. 5. Brasil. I. Título. CDD500 ABSTRACT The present work intends to be an exploratory research about the relationships among Art and Science in the space of Museum and Science Centers, in the period between 1969 and 2000. It is focused in the institutions of four associations of museums and science centers: the Brazilian ABCMC, the Latino-American Red POP, the predominant American ASTC and the world wide ICOM. The research was performed with actors of this field, and in the process of understanding the answers, it was possible to notice that a big number of institutions have these relationships with Art as usual practice. It could be noticed also the occurrence of three main relations, in spite of the kind of work of art was chosen by the institution for being exposed, presented or processed, (mainly of Visual Arts and Scenic Arts). The three main categories reflects the existence of Art as a shown work for decorative aesthetics or pleasure, establishing a relation of environmental information, illustration or being; the use of art as a media for contents of Science, and indicates also the presence of a synergetic relation, when both Art and Science are proposing or provoking experiences with the public of the Museums and Science Centers. The work develops a thought based on Bourdieu(1930-2003), theories of fields to understand which may be the reasons for happening these three main categories. It was based on bibliographic analyses and helps us to investigate the individual and socio cultural perceptions, possibilities, interests, determinations and necessities to indicate one of the three categories in the practice of the museum or science center. It objects also to think about the meaning of these relationships to Art, to Science and to our societies as well as perceive the dynamic of the artistic and scientific fields about the question. The first results of the research were partially presented at the 8th Meeting of Red POP in Leon Mexico, in 2003, with the intention of developing a deep listening of the different actors of this field. The debates about the theme provided many tools for looking critically at the question, which added the acquired knowledge in the History of Health Science pos graduation.