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Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks Using Harmony Search
Zong Woo Geem
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Doctor of Engineering
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Korea University
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Kim JH
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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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English, Korean
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Music Improvisation; Harmony Search Algorithm; Hydraulic Network Design
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Traditional mathematical optimization methods such as linear programming (LP), nonlinear programming (NLP) and dynamic programming (DP), often have drawbacks in practice. To overcome these drawbacks, various meta-heuristic optimization techniques, guaranteeing near optimal solutions with reasonable computation-time and memory requirements without demand of complex derivatives or initial value assumptions, have been developed. In this study a new meta-heuristic algorithm, mimicking musical performance, called Harmony Search, whose advantages include those of the meta-heuristic methods mentioned above is proposed. The Harmony Search (HS) is applied to five types of problems in this study, namely, a travelling salesman problem, a specific function problem, a hydrologic parameter calibration problem, an optimal design problem of water supply network, and an optimal expansion problem of water supply network. The comparison of solutions obtained by HS and other optimization techniques shows that the HS algorithm can find better solutions in less number of iterations. The new algorithm can solve continuous-variable problems as well as combinatorial problems without unnecessary restrictions imposed by split-pipe or linearizing assumptions.