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New Media Art management
Danijela Mandušic
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University of arts, Belgrade, serbia
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Miško Šuvakovic, PhD
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Cultural management and cultural policy
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engllish, french
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new media, management, Balkan, database
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This Master thesis is dedicated to the emerging phenomena of New Media, and New Media Art as a platform for creative expression of artists using the technology and possibilities of New Media. New Media art is an art genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including computer graphics, computer animation, the Internet, interactive technologies, robotics, and biotechnologies. The first part of the Master thesis is about theoretical framework; defining New Media art as a new form and field of art, determination of its disciplines and a short historical overview on New Media developments so far. The second part of the Master thesis is dedicated to the problem of managing these new forms of art, as they offer new and different possibilities, as well as management and marketing models. Special emphasis was put into the problem of constructing and maintaining (moderating, managing) web based databases of New Media artist, organizations and events. I shorten the geographical territory on the Balkans because throught my research on the subject I noticed that there is only one web database that focuses on New Media art in the Balkan countries, the East Art Map (specifically not only on the Balkans but on East Europe) that had some great developments and qualitative informations, but, unfortunately, it has no recent developments (since 2006.). Therefore I believe that forming a web based database of New Media Art from the Balkans, with a special focus on recent developments, is of a core importance for the New Media Art management because it is an Internet tool that can gather and provide crucial information on New Media artists, organizations an events and therefore contribute to their visibility, communication, cooperation, interaction, networking and exchange. This Master thesis is a result of a research phase and a first step in bigger project of establishing web based database of New Media artists, organizations and events from and to the Balkans ( that would answer to today need for information on this subject and, hopefully grow to become an important meeting and exchange online place for artists and art and culture professionals from all around the world on the subject of the New Media Art in the Balkans.