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Internal Networks: Telepathy Meets Technology in the Dream Pod
Camille Baker
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Master of Applied Science, Interactive Arts
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Dr. Susan Kozel
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Ron Wakkary, Diane Gromala (External)
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School Of Interactive Arts and Technology
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telepathy, embodiment, biosensors control, altered states of consciousness, media installation.
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This research project encompassed a media installation space and a written document, exploring the concept of initiating a mind/body to computer communication interaction, using a non-local portal environment as the interface. The concepts play at the boundaries of conventional science, in terms of human versus computer capabilities, suggesting the potential for these capabilities to work in tandem, through means still not widely accepted. I explore recent findings in physics, psychology and neuroscience, coupling them with developments in human computer interaction, wireless communication and other technologies, to envision an experiential means of connecting human consciousness with technology systems. This research incorporated biosensors, multimedia, yoga, meditation and attempts at telepathy within an experiential media installation, an immersive physical space or pod, positioning this work as bridge between art and technology. My goal with this installation was to put the creative agency into the mind and body of the participant, seeing myself as a creative facilitator, focussing my role as the experience designer not an artist per se. The Dream Pod project pushes beyond purely superficial design or meaningless interactivity, as I employ as many methods available to provide a fully embodied experience. I have challenged myself as an experience designer to tap into a deeper level of human experience, diving into what it means to be an embodied participant, exploring physical and emotional responses. With this project, I suggest that we look within our embodied cognitive system to learn more about what we have innately and continue to use technology as a tool, to be used to aid in the rediscovery of ourselves and the power of our own body/minds. I offer my dream pod as the beginning of that rediscovery.In future iterations, I hope to refine this prototype installation using discoveries learned with this version to make it a more powerful interactive work. Each discovery from this project could branch off into many diverse directions, with equally fascinating outcomes, only introduced here. This is just the beginning of potentialities in this area, and perhaps, the seeds of a PHD project for the future.