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Extremities of the Video
Christine Mello
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Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo
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Arlindo Machado
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arlimach AT
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Comunication and Semiotic/Image and sound/ History and video aesthetic / moving design
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Portuguese, English, French and Spanish
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Video; media art; digital culture; video expansion; hybridism
Abstract: 200-500 words
The video extremity is a critic investigation about videographic media into contemporary creative production, from Brazilian video observation. Examines the way video relates to media art and its manifestation in visual arts. The video extremities are the limiting circunstances of video action that highlights its transformation and contribution. These extremities bring into question the video in its relations, as an issue connected to many kinds of other issues, and not only as the question itself. From the critic theories of art and technology media, this investigation presents three forms of extremity – deconstruction, contamination and sharing – as transgression and hybridism marks or bordering interconnected zones. They are the diversions, infiltrations and displacements of video which happens between the questioning and transits of media space-time, as well as the expansion movements of videographic media which trends to language decentralization. In all these propositions, the video is reconfigured and the complex conceptual processes between media and arts are put into synergy. The research presents as result a written analysis associated with a data bank which reflects, in a mobile way, this extremity notion and maps about 100 creators and 2.500 Brazilian art titles, in order to consider examples and explicit a contemporary action profile. New contexts emerge, other disappear, language is alive, dynamic and understandable from the activities in which take parts. Video, bordering 21st century and digital culture, is marked by its extremities and presented as an unfinished path, in movement, as a creative vertex of the most different art practices.