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Experiences from Designing a Wearable Interface For an Interaction through Breathing
Anna Salmi
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MA in New Media
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Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Department of Media, Media Lab
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Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski
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decostertaivalkoski AT
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Department of Media, Media Lab, New Media
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English, Finnish
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wearables, wearable interface, wearable computing, wearable electronics, fashionable technologies, smart textiles, physical computing, embedded systems, bodily interaction, interactive installations, experimental sound installation, experience design
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Aer is an interactive installation that explores the act of breathing through the use of wearable technology and auditive representation. I present a demo version of a wearable that is capable of externally measuring the participant’s body movement at the anatomical point of the diaphragm. The gathered data is used to control sounds played as feedback to the participant. Aer consists of a garment designed to carry a sensor as well as to embody and sensorially express breathing related meanings, and a spatial audio system. The focus in this production was in developing an interface that enables interaction through breathing. In the literary study, using the piece as the basis I explore questions of how breathing could be used in experiencing, communicating and sharing meaning and what practical and theoretical concerns arise from integrating technology with clothing. I explain the process of gathering knowledge for the realization of the work as well as lay out some core concerns for the design. The bringing forth of the interface is briefly described. I share the concept design description for the system and present the current realization of the Aer installation. The written part centers on conceptualizing an experience based on breathing interaction.