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European Avant-garde: Art, Borders and Culture in Relationship to Mainstream Cinema and New Media
Lanfranco Aceti
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University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
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Prof. Malcom Le Grice
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Malcolm AT
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Prof. Laura Mulvey
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Fine Art
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English, Italian, Latin, Classic Greek, French and Spanish
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post-modern, post-human, cyborg, cyberart, ekphrasis, digital art, remediation, hybridization, esotechnology, endotechnology, trans-media, intra-media, evolutionary media
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This research analyzes the impact of transformation and hybridization processes at the intersection of art, science and technology. These forms of transformation and hybridization are the result of contemporary interactions between classic and digital media. It discusses the concept of ‘remediation’ presented by Bolter and proposes the concept of ‘digital ekphrasis,’ which is based on Manovich’s analyses of the interactions between classic and digital media. This is a model which, borrowed from semiotic structures, encompasses the technical as well as aesthetic and philosophical transformations of contemporary media. The thesis rejects Baudrillard’s and Virilio’s proposed concepts of ‘digital black hole’ as the only possible form of evolution of contemporary digital media. It proposes a different concept for the evolutionary model of contemporary hybridization processes based on contemporary forms of hybridizations that are rooted in aesthetic, philosophical and technological developments. This concept is argued as emancipated from the ‘religious’ idea of a ‘divine originated’ perfect image that Baudrillard and Virilio consider to be deteriorated from contemporary hybridization experimentations. The thesis proposes, through historical examples in the fine arts, the importance of trans-media migrations and experimentations as the framework for a philosophical, aesthetic and technological evolutionary concept of humanity freed from the restrictions of religious imperatives.