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COLOR in Black and White; An investigation of Vividness in Color and in Architecture
jack rees
2nd Author
3rd Author
Master of Science in Architectural Studies (MSAS)
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403pps; 110figs. (in typescript)
University ot Texas, Austin
Thesis Supervisor
Professor Michael Benedikt
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mbenedikt AT
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Robert Mugerauer
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Architecture -- Interdisciplinary Studies
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english only
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color; architecture; Claude Monet; Balthasar Neumann; perception; atmospheric physics; philosophy; painting; Kansas landscape
Abstract: 200-500 words
COLOR in Black and White, written in the School of Architecture at UT Austin, was my attempt to come to terms with the mechanisms of perception relative to the appreciation of architecture. It was the product of 4 solid years of research in painting, physics, philosophy and psycho-physical phenomenology and rhetoric. The title was inspired by a quote from Egdar Wind: "... the best black-and-white reproduction ... is comparable to a conscientious piano transcription of an orchestral score, whereas the colour print, with some exceptions, is like a reduced orchestra with all the instruments out of tune” (1964:165). The argument proceeds from “The abstraction of sight” through “The fallacy of primacy” and “The layering of color” to “Vividness in architecture.” There are 104 black and white figures.