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Caliban Robot: Artificial Stubbornness Evoked through a Shakespearian Character
Annabel Castro Meagher
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MS in Applied Information Technology specializing in “Art and Technology”
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Chalmers University of Technology
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Mats Nordahl
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Art and Technology
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Spanish and English
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Robot, character, theater, Caliban
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Theater plays and computer code are a careful selection of instructions that lead to a successful unfolding of actions in order to achieve a goal. Because of the common ground shared by each, both plays and computer codes have the possibility of enriching each other. This thesis takes a first step towards finding ways of using a robot as a theatrical construction. It uses a robot structure to evoke a character. At the same time, it uses a dramatic character to structure a robot in 13 different states. It specifically focuses on the case of Caliban from Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”. From an artistic standpoint, it explores the character and robot structures through the contextualizing, designing, constructing and exhibiting of a robot that evokes Caliban. From either perspective, speech and its relationship to artificial intelligence serve as a key for recognizing the link between the two fields. The robot structure has proved to have the potential of offering new ways of constructing meaning with dramatic characters.