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Between Mnemo and Locus: architecture of virtual spaces, construction of mental spaces
Anja Pratschke
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PHD of Science
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University of São Paulo, Brazil
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Edson dos Santos Moreira
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Department of Computer Science, Design of Human-Computer Interfaces, Architecture
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english, german, french, portugues
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Human-Computer Interface, Virtual Reality, Architecture, Mnemomic
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A method is proposed for the architectural construction of virtual spaces based on the overlaying of diverse ways of thinking about space and by using structures of mnemotechniques. In order to achieve this task, a critical review is first carried out of two disciplines which are regularly involved in the construction of this kind of spatiality: Human-Computer Interface, and Virtual Reality. Architecture, as a third and central discipline, presents its method of overlaying diverse ways of thinking space, made explicit through the introduction and analysis of different examples of architectural construction in the virtual realm. Defined as belonging to the mind, the virtual space is conceived through architectural methods by adding the use of Mnemonics, which is the art and technique of developing and making stronger the memory. The memorization process itself becomes central in the process of constructing the virtual context. Introducing examples in history and recent art applications in virtual reality, the thesis proposes the introduction of mnemotechniques for the architectural spatial structuring of the virtual.