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AURA: Wearable Devices for Non-verbal Communication between Expectant Parents
Marco Righetto
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MA, Interaction Design
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Iuav - University of Venice
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Gillian Crampton Smith
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gilcs AT
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Philip Tabor,
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Interaction Design
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Italian, English, Spanish
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arduino, gillian crampton smith, graphic, interaction design, iuav, phil tabor, pregnancy, wearable computing
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Aura is a set of wearable devices that enables non-verbal communication between expecting parents. The project aims to explore alternative ways of communicating beyond what current screen-based services offer: in particular, to extend current applications of biometric monitoring beyond the fields where it is currently most used - medicine and sports. The project is inspired by the ‘critical design’ approach, but does not occupy its most provocative side. It focuses on potential users’ needs and desires, leaving room for imagination. To achieve this, potential users and medical staff were interviewed initially. It was then decided to design a service embodied in two physical objects: a garment for the expectant mother and a bracelet for her partner. Foetal movement is translated into a light message for the mother-to-be and a haptic one for her partner. The simultaneous connection of the two people enhances the emotional ‘messages’ transmitted by the devices. The relationship is participatory, and the actions of both partners shape the ‘conversation’.