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Art and Architectural Design in 3D User-Generated-Content Virtual Worlds: A Case Study on Second Life®
Umut Burcu Tasa
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Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul
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Tulin Gorgulu
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Interactive Media Design
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metaverse, user-created-content, virtual worlds, art, architecture, collaboration, open-source, interactivity
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User-created-content and social networking have proved to be the most fundamental elements that shape how and why people use the Internet today. One concept that stems from and combines these two motives is metaverse, i.e., 3D user-created,multi-user and online virtual worlds. During the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of several metaverse attempts, and a growing art and architectural design community within these worlds, due to the possibilities they offer for building creative content. This study develops from the historical evolution of metaverse, and the dynamic and transformative relationship between information and communication technologies (ICT) and, art and architectural design. This relationship has so far introduced collaborative creation, dissolution of authorship, user participation and interactivity to both art and architecture fields. In this study first we explore the already existing art and design expressions in the current metaversal worlds, specifically in the virtual world of Second Life. We then propose meta-art and meta-architecture as the native art and architectural design forms of today’s and future’s metaverse, and we discuss that both meta-art and meta-architeture should inherit the transformative interplay between art, architecture and ICT. It is finally proposed that, both meta-art and meta-architecture should be open,collaborative, interactive and experience-based, so that this evolutionary process could grow further.