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Algae: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Science
Sara Gevurtz
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Master of Fine Arts
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San Jose State University
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James Morgan
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Joel Slayton, Shannon Wright
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Digital Media Art
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Bio Art, Science Art
Abstract: 200-500 words
This thesis, prepared for a Master of Fine Arts in Digital Media Art at San Jose State University, discusses the biology-focused art produced by Sara Gevurtz. Having studied biology, with a focus on ecology and evolution, Sara Gevurtz brings her scientific background and research skills into the realm of art. As an undergraduate at the University of California, San Diego, she was interested in topics involving ecology that related to our environment and how we would preserve our environment going forward. Reflecting this interest, her artwork has therefore explored various different topics ranging from biodiversity to endangered species. It thereby demonstrates the ramifications of science, investigating and communicating the implications of scientific principles or data through the language of art. The means by which she bridges the gap between art and science vary. The traditional methods of conveying scientific data, such as charts and graphs, influence her work. This thesis discusses three specific multimedia projects that reflect this influence. These projects cover the topics of Endangered Species, Algae and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Biology. For example, in her thesis project dealing with algae, she has employed representations of algae under the microscope and painted representations, as well as growing the actual algae.