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A Prelude to the Parametric Courante
Guang Zhu
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Master of Professional Studies
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New York University, Tisch school of the Performing Arts
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Heather Dewey Hagborg
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ITP_ Interactive Telecommunication Program
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parametric equation, visualization, archeology, art
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A Prelude to the Parametric Courante The Cardioid Equation: x=r·[2·sine(t)+sine(2·t)] y=r·[2·cosine(t)+cosine(2·t)] ? For the sake of reifying the significance of computational aesthetics in this age of booming technology, it is essential to take notice of our early history, when geometry was the connection between craftsmanship and natural science, in the same way that creative computation connects design and engineering nowadays. This paper describes my exploratory research of the cardioid equation, which I conducted in order to inspire creative uses and interdisciplinary assessments of parametric functions. First, the paper examines each parameter in its geometrical context. Second, it assigns parameters to the cardioid function to generate the curve. Third, it chooses which examined parameters to select for craftsmanship and the exhibition of unique, life-like movements. This paper is constructed as an introduction for The Parametric Courante Project. Its objective is to research the archeology of parametric geometry and to computationally analyze its mathematics in the craftsmanship of early arts.