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A planetary myth: exploring hypermedia
Cláudia Martin Nascimento
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Masters of Aesthetics and Art History
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São Paulo University - USP, Brazil
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Artur Matuck
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Interactive Digital Media
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Portuguese, English, Spanish
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mythology, myth, hypermedia, hypertext, narrative, structure, web, time, space, symbology, meaning, multilinearity
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This research project was developed with the purpose of thinking the narrative structure of hypermedia that has emerged from the new means of communication via the web with the digital age. Inspired by the Roy Ascott’s Technoethics practice, this work proposes an investigation through the interaction between the art and technology fields and the consciousness research. The text consists of a theoretical study in which the narrative structure of hypermedia was put in parallel with that one found by the anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss in the South-American indigenous mythical narratives. The construction of this analogy had as its main goal to find alternative ways of comprehension and manipulation of the hypermedia logic structure and the resources it mobilizes to form a coherent whole such as the temporality and spatiality narratives, symbology and metaphors and its own other means of producing meaning. The research also includes a practical, experimental and embryonic work intended to be at the same time conceptual, academic and artistic: a navigation structure on the internet which consists of an adaptation of interrelated mythic narratives to the interactive digital media.