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00872 Fluid Equilibrium : ​sensing with biophotonic field through technoetic performance Yishuai Zhang April 2020 Goldsmiths University
00873 Alternative Realities: Protect me from what I want Shirley Leung 2020 Parsons School of Design. Design and Technology Department.
00874 Mediating Reality: Challenging the authoritative voice of the natural history museum through (bio)systems art Colin Clark 2020 University of the Arts London/Central Saint Martins
00875 Noise Pollution Lou Terry 2019 Goldsmiths University of London
00876 Embodied Technology: Human Machine Communication from the Media Arts Perspective Hannah E Wolfe 2019 University of California, Santa Barbara
00879 Relativity: Synchresis in Art and Applied Science Garry Wasyliw 2017 University of Regina
00880 Microbial Mood: exploring how sound effects the human microbiome Sophia Charuhas 2019 Liverpool John Moores University
00881 Digital Technologies as Mediation in European Fine Art Museums Catarina dos Reis 2019 Escola das Artes da Universidade Católica Portuguesa
00883 Digital Capture and Visualization of Ancient Human Crania for Archaeological Interpretation Faye Olsgard 10 June 2020 Liverpool John Moores University
00884 Years of Life Lost (before they can ossify) Dorsey Kaufmann 2020 University of Arizona
00885 In Silico: A practice-based exploration of computer simulations in art. Dr Paul Dolan 2018 Northumbria University
00887 Towards a definition of digital narratives in art museums Maria Isabel Hidalgo Urbaneja 2020 University of Glasgow
00888 Medium Media Mater: Experiences in art between material and subtle Ana Cecília Mattos MacDowell 2019 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro- UFRJ
00889 Dynamic music: the implications of interactive technologies on popular music making Tracy Redhead 2020 The University of Newcastle
00890 Synthetic Creatures of Media Arts: Biorobots and Other Biotechnological Entities as an Art Practice of Hybrid Ecology Daria Vdovina 2 December 2019 School of Communication, Art & Technology, Aalborg University
00891 Understanding Musicking on Social Media: Music Sharing, Sociality and Citizenship Raquel Campos Valverde 2019 London South Bank University
00892 Deep Interactive Evolutionary Systems for Assisted Creativity Carlos Tejeda Ocampo 2020 Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey
00893 Cloud computing as digital imaginary Jayn Verkerk 2020 Victoria University of Wellington
00894 Virtual Art in the Museum and Beyond Valeria Facchin 2019 Courtauld Institute of Art
00895 All-Women Initiatives in Art and Technology 1986-2020. Atenea: Mentoring and Networking Project in STEAM Robles Mateo, Elena 2020 Universitat Politècnica de València
00898 Farsh-e-Parandeh: Animated Mandalic Carpet Projection: Exploring the Links between Proto-Animation Techniques in Persian Traditional Arts and the Foundation of Animation and Cinema Leila Honari 2019 Griffith University
00899 Biochromes: Perceptions of Australian Medicinal Plants through Experimental Photography Renata Buziak 2016 Queensland College of Art, Griffith University
00900 Software- and Data-based art conservation from the artist studio practice: Engineering approaches to documentation as a tool for artwork definition and conservation. Diego Mellado Martínez 2019 Danube University Krems
00901 An Experimental Study of the Impact of the Physical-Chemical Damage of the Albumen Prints Photographs as a Result of Display, Storage and suitable Treatment Methods – Applied on Selected Objects Rasha Ahmed Shaheen 2017 Catania University, Italy
00902 Distant Wars: Seeking undestanding behind the logistics of perception of modern warfare Lou Mouw 2019 Royal Danish Academy of the Fine Arts
00904 Horror Computer Games: Developments, Distinctions, and Experiments Graham King 2019 University of Lodz
00905 MG (aka I Want a Baby!, Reimagined): A Feminist, Speculative, Queer Exploration of the Content and Context of Sergei Tret’iakov’s 1926 play "I Want a Baby!" Angela S. Beallor 2020 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
00906 Synchronization of the Imaginaries. How Machine Learning is Changing the Way We See the Globe Aurora Bertoli 2020 IUAV, University of Architecture in Venice, Italy
00907 Steering Audience Engagement During Audio-Visual Performance Léon McCarthy 2016 Northumbria University
00908 Finding Prāṇa: Digital and Performative Experiments in Search of a Technology of the Self Helen Collard 2019 Northumbria University
00910 AURA- altering self-perception through interactive light emitting textiles Arife Dila Demir 2019 Estonian Academy of Arts
00911 TH1NKBLENDER: Speculating Spaces for Future Transdisciplinary Practices and the Spontaneous Encounters of Transdisciplinary Minds Dawn Faelnar 2020 Kunstuniversität Linz (Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung)
00912 Reality & Meaning in the Visual Image: The Architectural & Spatial Encounter in Contemporary Photography Rajalakshmi Jagadeesan 2020 Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London
00913 Electronic art in the 20th century. The case of Frank J. Malina A STEAM methodology educational program for primary school children Kiriaki Genitsaridou 2019 Hellenic Open University
00914 Object Americana Jeffrey Geiringer 2020 Parsons, The New School
00915 Audiovisual Installation as Ecologically Performativity Dr. Teresa Connors 2018 The University of Waikato
00916 Staging Greek Tragedy in the Digital Era Angeliki POULOU 2017 University of Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III & National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Joint PhD)
00917 Audio-haptic relationships as compositional and performance strategies Lauren Hayes 2014 University of Edinburgh
00918 Art and Technology: coherence, connectedness, and the integrative field CARLOS AUGUSTO MOREIRA DA NOBREGA 2009 University of Plymouth - UK
00919 The Theory of Algorithmic Form. Between an aesthetics and an ethics of algorithms: relations among image, enjoyment and action Eli Borges Junior 2020 University of São Paulo (USP)
00920 The Emergent Holographic Scene : Compositions of movement and affect using multiplexed holographic images Martina Mrongovius 2011 RMIT University
00921 Towards a Poetics of Interaction. Design, Code, Plot Martin Pablo Groisman 2016 Universidad de Buenos Aires
00922 Kazimir Malevich: Approaching the New System Irina Lyubchenko 2020 Ryerson University and York University
00923 How machines see the world: Five essays on biological and artificial vision Carloalberto Treccani 2020 City University of Hong Kong
00924 The Universe is My Laboratory Christopher Henschke 2017 Monash University
00925 The sublime in the postdigital era: the technological oeuvre in the context of experiential art Miguel Oliveros Mediavilla 2017 Universidad Complutense Madrid
00926 TAKE me BACK to JUPITER!: An Artistic Investigation into Non-Human Consciousnesses through Interactions with Lesser House Fly (Fannia canicularis) and Common Green Bottle Fly (Lucilia sericata) in a Digital Game Environment Drew Thornton 2019 University of Western Australia
00927 Locative Art as Existential Media in Post-Virtual Geophilia Lim Kok Yoong 2017 Soongsil University
00928 The Non-Human Turn in Performance Art: Conversations Boris Abramovic 29/08/2019 Aalborg University, Denmark
00929 Mythologies exploring clean technology development through the classification of technical objects using Chinese Five Element Theory. Helena Wee 2019 Goldsmiths, University of London
00930 Place Making & Navigating The Otherness In Tokyo. Tokyo Heterotopia: A Case Study Of Locative Media Mobile Application. Hoi Ting Yeung 2020 University of Lodz
00931 Exploring Sci-Art Activism in Science Festivals as an Antimicrobial Resistance Public Engagement Tool Natasha Niethamer 2020 Liverpool John Moores University
00932 Interconnection, Relation, Imagination. Interactive art for a sustainable future Alessia Gervasone 2018 Albertina Academy of Fine Art, Turin (Italy)
00933 The Role of the Designer in the Facilitation of Meaningful Play between Disabled and Non-disabled Children Anne-Marie Moore 2016 University of Leeds
00934 Things that Grew While I Looked at the Ground Heather L McMordie 2020 Rhode Island School of Design
00935 Therapeutic Robots in Media Arts Context Gohar Vardanyan August 12, 2019 Aalborg University, Denmark
00936 Modes of Expression in Artworks Involving Computational Processes with an Emphasis on Neural Networks Hye Min Cho 2019 UCLA
00937 Auditory Subcultures and Sonic Flights: In Between Sound and Space Alifiyah Zulfiqar Imani 2019 Aalborg University
00938 Apprenticeship 2.0: Crafting with Hybrid Textiles in Virtual Reality Bolor Amgalan 2020 The New School
00939 Bishojo simulator: a social network simulator of fictional female AI agents Yuqian Sun 1 Goldsmiths, University of London
00940 Hybrid Matter Darya Warner 2020 University at Buffalo
00941 Exploring the physical side of Botany through Physics and Geography Claire Mc Dermott 2020 Central Saint Martins
00942 Neurocurating: Creating memories for the future (A neuroscience-informed interdisciplinary curatorial model to enhance visitors’ experience in museum settings) Mahzabin Haque 2020 University of Łódź
00944 Visualizing the Environment: Exploring the Usage of Media Art in Scientific Data Visualization and Dissemination Mia DeBakker 2018 Danube University Krems
00945 Mediated Memory and the Internet: Indigenous Protagonism in Brazil Louise M. Hisayasu 2019 Danube University Krems
00947 Redefining the Anthology: forms and affordances in digital culture Giulia Taurino 2020 University of Bologna; University of Montreal
00948 Learning to See the Unknown: Drawing Out the Strange Hayley Carruthers 2020 Emily Carr University of Art and Design
00949 Bio Forms natalie alima ongoing RMIT
00950 Ask Humans : A platform for inducing change: organizing, curating and fostering the discourse on society’s redesign regarding technology and human connection Lis Martins Neves de Oliveira 2017 Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
00951 Cyborg botany : augmented plants as sensors, displays and actuators Harpreet Sareen 2017 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
00952 Experiments in proximity: on the ‘bodiliness’ of vision and relational modes of interactivity John Tonkin 2016 University of New South Wales
00953 Small Diffusion, Big Impact: Composing Immersive Acousmatic Music for the Non-Ideal Listening Space Alexis Weaver 2020 University of Sydney