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LABS IDThesis TitleAuthorYearUniversity
00768 Moving Image And The Space Around The Frame: Time-Based Installations And Forms Of Experience Giusy Pirrotta 2018 UCA, University for the Creative Arts and University of Brighton, UK
00769 Unveiling Interfaces: A Software Studies Board Game for Algorithmic Literacy Karla Zavala 2018 Aalborg University
00770 Silicone Love – Her Garden Chun Shao 2019 University of Washington
00771 Siren: General-Purpose Algorithmic Composition and Live-coding Environment Mert Toka 2018 UC Santa Barbara
00772 Sounds Are Objects - Understanding Creativity with Sound through Embodied Cognition Leon Radschinski-Gorman 2017 University of the Arts London
00773 Infinitesimal to Infinity: Ryoji Ikeda’s Data Composition and Space of Sensing Joo Yun Lee 2018 Stony Brook University, SUNY
00774 The Arcientic Andism - My Romantic Manifesto Dr. Denise Schellmann 2019 University of Applied Arts Vienna
00775 CRYOSPHERE: Frozen in Time Christopher ivins 2018 University of California, Santa Cruz
00776 Constructing Soft Robot Aesthetics: Art, Sensation, and Materiality in Practice Jonas Jørgensen 2019 IT University of Copenhagen
00777 Worldlets: Generative Studies for the Monome Norns Nathan Koch 2019 Parsons School of Design
00778 Enviro-Envision Visualizing Climate Change through Art Kathleen Deck 2019 The University of California Santa Cruz
00779 Space in Electroacoustic Music: Composition, Performance and Perception of Musical Space Frank Ekeberg Henriksen 2002 City University London
00780 Physical Interaction with Electronic Instruments in Devised Performance Dr Neal Spowage 2016 De Montford University
00781 Playing and Making Poetic Videogames Jordan Magnuson 2019 University of California, Santa Cruz
00782 The Nonessential Essential Daniela Brill Estrada 2019 University of Applied Arts Vienna
00783 Beyond the Frame: Into Virtual Reality Mary Finn Saisselin 2018 Paris College of Art
00784 Humanizing Technology Through Post-Digital Art VYGANDAS “VEGAS“ ŠIMBELIS 2018 KTH Royal Institute of Technology
00785 Productive Bodies Chelsea Thompto 2019 University of Wisconsin Madison
00786 “OPEN DÉCIMA” (OPEN TEN-LINE STANZA). Study of the relationship between the HTML computer language and the ten-line stanza poetry. Viviana Álvarez Chomón 2017 UCHILE. University of Chile
00787 The Aesthetics of Gravity: How our relationship with gravity is revealed in art Lisa Pettibone 2018 UAL: Central Saint Martins London
00788 The Transcendental Nature of New Media Art: An Examination of the Gap Between New Media and Contemporary Art Katy E. Parsons 2019 Azusa Pacific University
00789 The Final Image: An Artwork and Techniques in Immersion Martin Jarmick 2019 University of Washington, Seattle
00790 DIGITAL DYSTOPIA: Exploring the Side Effects of Media, Data, and Technology roya ebtehaj 2019 San Jose State University
00791 Spatiotemporal Experience Marcus Zúñiga 2019 Art Center College of Design
00792 Time and Space in Video Games. A Cognitive-Formalist Approach Federico Alvarez Igarzábal 2019 University of Cologne
00793 Of ice shields, oceans, and train yards: Research-creation towards meaningful contact with a feral terrain Lucie Lederhendler 2019 Concordia University
00794 3047: A dark room body Valentina Serrati 2017 Goldsmiths University of London
00795 Mediated Visualities: Architectural Representation and the Digitized Body George Themistokleous 2019 Leeds Beckett University
00796 Visualizing Time-Oriented Data in Virtual Reality: An analysis of Star Wars check-out history at the Seattle Public Library Junxiang Yao 2019 University of California, Santa Barbara
00797 Obsolete Objects, Time and New Media Ivan Petkov 2017 University of Art and Design Linz
00798 the transformation of the look and the creativity from the technical and technological innovations: Historical Vanguards and contemporanity Raquel Caerols Mateo 2010 Universidad Complutense de Madrid
00799 Deconstruct and Dissent: Subversive Technologies for the Modern Militant Janna Ahrndt 2019 Purdue University
00800 Casual Creators: Defining a Genre of Autotelic Creativity Support Systems Katherine Compton 2019 UC Santa Cruz
00801 Work Of Interface From Comparison Of Diversity And Singularity About Spacetime In Media Art Jisoo Park 2015 Ewha womans university
00802 Archimusic, A New Poïesis: A Method for Archimusical Synthesis F. Myles Sciotto 2018 UCSB
00803 A INTERFACE NA E-HEALTH. Proposta de princípios de design para a credibilidade e a confiança. Andreia Pinto de Sousa 2017 Universidade de Aveiro e Universidade do Porto
00804 Masculinity and spirituality in Renaissance Milan: the role of the beautiful body in the art of Leonardo da Vinci and the Leonardeschi Maya Corry 2014 University of Oxford
00805 UNUM The Blockchain for Distributed Manufacturing Dana R Martens 2017 Parsons School of Design (The New School)
00806 Playfully Cracking Cultures Lucas de Jong de Abril 2019 Delft University of Technology
00807 Networks of Liveness in Singer-Songwriting: A practice-based enquiry into developing audio-visual interactive systems and creative strategies for composition and performance. Simon Waite 2019 De Montfort University
00808 Computer-animated scientific visualizations of tomographic scanned microscopic organic entities Martina R. Fröschl 2019 University of Applied Arts Vienna
00809 Temporal and Spatial Coherence: chronological and affective narrative within holographic and lenticular space. Pearl John 2018 De Montfort University
00810 Second Wind Anne Yoncha 2019 University of Montana
00811 Qualities of Simplicity in designing interactive art Tomi Knuutila 2018 University of Lapland
00812 On Cosmogony Katarina Petrović 2016 ArtScience Interfaculty, Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatoire, University of Arts The Hague
00813 Sexuality and Intimacy Healthcare for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer Ruocha Wang 2019 TU Delft
00814 Blovels, Twovels and Cell Phone Novels: Bridges to Literature or Roads to Nowhere? Kathleen Wilson 2010 Vermont College of Fine Arts
00815 Aural Architecture Practice: Creative Approaches for an Ecology of Affect Claudia Martinho 2019 Goldsmiths, University of London
00816 The archive as a digital aesthetic form Clio Flego 2019 Danube University Krems
00817 Towards an Ecosophy: A Reading of the Critical Significance of Experimental Ethnographic Video Through the Lens of Félix Guattari’s 'The Three Ecologies' Edward Christie 2018 The Courtauld Institute of Art
00818 Enabling a collaborative use of healthcare data Falcão Duarte, Carolina 2019 TUDelft
00819 Images of Time in the Technological Poetics of Harun Farocki, Bill Viola and Anthony McCall Fernanda Albuquerque de Almeida 2019 University of São Paulo
00820 A Crystalline Quilt for the Thick Present Ann Altstatt 2018 University of California, Santa Cruz
00821 Hybrids and Fragments: Music, Genre, Culture and Technology J M Gagen 2019 Goldsmiths, University of London
00822 The Human Use of the Human Face: The Photographic Self-Portrait in the Age of the Selfie Karen ann Donnachie 2017 Curtin University, Western Australia
00823 Proxistant Vision Synne Tollerud Bull 2020 University of Oslo, Norway
00824 Alan Splet: the sound design of Blue Velvet and the polyphony of sound effects Fabiano Pereira de Souza 2016 Universidade Anhembi Morumbi
00825 Beyond third dimension: Montage superposition of volumetric images in 3x3D Fabiano Pereira de Souza 2021 Universidade Anhembi Morumbi
00826 Review and development of techniques for studying cellular biophysics with high frequency ultrasound Michael A Butler 2016 University of the West of Scotland
00827 A design exploration of an IoT based smart parking prototype with stakeholders by user-centred design Muftah Fraifer, PhD 2019 University of Limerick