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LABS IDThesis TitleAuthorYearUniversity
00552 Bioart. An Aesthetic of Disorganisation Laura Benítez Valero 2014 Autonomous University of Barcelona
00553 Rhythmic Canons and Modular Tiling Hélianthe Caure 2016 Université Pierre et Marie Curie
00554 Illustration-inspired Visualization of Blood Flow Dynamics Maxwell Julian November 2015 The University of Toronto
00555 Perceptual-cognitive Properties of Pictures, Diagrams, and Sentences: Toward a Science of Visual Information Design Peter Wesley Coppin 27-Mar-2014 The University of Toronto
00557 Interface Aesthetics: Sound, Software, and the Ecology of Digital Audio Production Mike D'Errico 2016 UCLA
00558 Primate Aesthetics Chelsea Lynn Sams 2016 University of Massachusetts Amherst
00560 Photography from the Turin Shroud to the Turing Machine Yanai Toister 2015 Sydney
00561 Art and Technology in the Second Half of the 20th Century: The Code as Paradigm José Oliveira 2016 Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
00562 Die Computerkunst Herbert W. Frankes Penesta Dika 2003 Universität Wien - Austria
00564 Schaulust: A Study in Light and Sound Mark Cetilia 2016 Brown University
00565 Theoretical approaches of `spatial organization modes in multimedia architectures Georgios Papakonstantinou 2014 Paris I University-Panthéon Sorbonne
00566 Quality of Aesthetic Experience and Implicit Modulating Factors Wendy Ann Mansilla 2013 Norwegian University of Science and Technology
00567 Articulating Space: Geometric Algebra for Parametric Design -- Symmetry, Kinematics, and Curvature Pablo Colapinto 2016 University of California Santa Barbara
00569 Biomateria--Biotextile Craft WhiteFeather Hunter November 2015 Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
00570 Labyrinth Psychotica Simulating Psychotic Phenomena Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a) 07-09-2016 Plymouth University
00571 Silicon Luthiers: Contemporary Practices in Electronic Music Hardware Ezra J. Teboul 2015 Dartmouth College
00572 THEORY of FLIGHT : a fantasia of avian obsession Anna Lindemann 2011 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
00574 The Spatial Properties Of The Projection System In The Work Of Jeffrey Shaw Olga Venetsianou 2014 University of Thessaly
00575 Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics: Key Elements in the Evolution of the Contemporary Art Quilt Stacy Cantrell 2015 George Mason University
00576 Microsound, spectra, and objectivity: tracing memetics in organised sound Vincent Giles 2016 University of Melbourne
00577 Walking with portable projections : a creative exploration into mediated perception in the environment Rocio von Jungenfeld 2016 University of Edinburgh
00578 The Practices of Art and Science Hannah Star Rogers 2012 Cornell University
00579 Unruly Bodies: Monstrous Readings of Biotechnology Cynthia J. Verspaget 2015 (2017) Curtin University
00580 Composing [De]Composition: Data Sonification for Sound Art and Music Composition Jennifer no.e Parker 2016 University of California, Riverside
00581 Executing Liveness: An examination of the live dimension of code inter-actions in software (art) practice Winnie Soon 2017 Aarhus University
00582 Machinima: Between Narrative and Experimentation Fernanda Albuquerque de Almeida 2014 University of São Paulo
00583 Design Foundations: Towards A Model Of Style Grammar In Creative Drawing Jennie Sweo 2017 Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
00584 EM - Embodied Map Tools for urban mapping and performance art practices Alessandro Carboni 2017 City University of Hong Kong
00585 Transductive Praxis in BioArt: Relational Ontology and Aesthetics of Nonhuman Experience Tyler Fox 2015 Simon Fraser University
00586 Duchamp Meets Turing: Art, Modernism, Posthuman  Gabriela Galati 2016 Plymouth University
00587 Computer Art and Actor­Network Theory: Actants and Intersubjective Associations in Scene PRAUDE, Carlos Corrêa. 21-Dec-2015 Universidade de Brasília, Brasília, Brazil.
00588 Displacing Identity: Architecture, psychoanalysis and the tectonics of dance Christiana Kazakou 2013 Central Saint Martins, UAL
00590 A Perceptual Approach to Audio-Visual Instrument Design, Composition and Performance Adriana Sa 2016 Goldsmiths, University of London
00591 When CRISPR Meets Art. The Experience of Relationality Through the Affective Agency of Matter Lotte Pet 2016 Leiden University
00592 Systemic Interaction in Computer Art: A-Memory Garden a teoretical and practical proposal in asthetic research Marília Bergamo 2015 Universidade de Brasília - UnB
00593 Enactive Soundscapes: toward a naturalized aesthetics André Luiz Gonçalves de Oliveira 2013 University of Brasilia - UnB
00594 Seeing Beyond the Senses - Microcinematography as Artistic Practice Eric Parren 2012 UCLA
00595 Aboriginal Imagination Jason Davidson Hampton 2004 Charles Darwin University
00596 Cross Connections:Online activism, real worldoutcomes Tracey M Benson 2010 Australian National University
00597 New Paradigm Applied To A Digital Repository Of Scientific Publications: Design Of A Collaborative Structure For Visualization And Filtering Information Bruno Miguel Azevedo 2016 Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)
00598 An Interactive Environment derived from commuters' memories of the soundscape: a case study of the London Underground. Ximena Alarcón-Díaz 2007 De Montfort University
00599 Reclaiming the alienated Self: An examination of maintaining the Self amid cultural and technological changes. Monika Dorniak 2017 Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London
00600 Robotic Sculpture Development through Appropriated Choreographic Strategies, Facilitating Artistic Exploration of Visual Perception, Object-ness, and Symbiosis between Physical and Virtual Media Marco Pinter 2015 University of California, Santa Barbara
00601 Amplifying Ambiguities: Nora S. Vaage 2016 University of Bergen
00602 Zen and the Art of Software Performance: John Cage and Lejaren A. Hiller Jr.’s HPSCHD (1967-1969) Tiffany Funk 2016 University of Illinois at Chicago
00603 Mediation/Derivation: Jan Ruhtenberg's Apprenticeship and Architectural Modernism Clemens Christian Finkelstein 2017 Harvard University
00604 Performative Experience Design: Theories and practices for intermedial autobiographical performance Jocelyn Cady Spence 2015 University of Surrey
00606 The neuroscience of musical creativity using complexity tools Dr Shama Sarwat Rahman Oct 2013 Imperial College London
00608 Pulse Project: An Investigation Across Bodies, Cultures And Technology Michelle Lewis-King 2016 Anglia Ruskin University
00609 Live Brain-Computer Cinema Performance Polina Zioga 2017 Glasgow School of Art
00610 Establishing a Critical Framework for the Appraisal of 'Noise' in Contemporary Sound Art with Specific Reference to the Practices of Yasunao Tone, Carsten Nicolai and Ryoji Ikeda Adam Collis 2016 University of Surrey
00611 Anatomical Analogies: The Evolution of Harmony and Noise in relation to the Self and Society Raphael Arar 2014 California Institute of the Arts
00612 Cognitive aspects of pictorial address and seriality in art: A practice-led investigation Jason Kass 2017 University of Southampton
00613 Interactive Living Space for Neo-Nomads: An Anticipatory Approach Asma Naz 2017 The University of Texas at Dallas, Texas, USA
00614 What Goes Around Comes Around - The impact of plastic on the environment, and how artists effectively communicate environmental issues Hannah Scott 2017 Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London
00615 Nanocosm: A Studio Investigation into Algorithmic Worlds Gordon Monro 2016 Monash University
00616 Artistic practices on mobile screens : the creation of a programming language Dominique Cunin 2014 Paris 8
00617 Ecological Art As Gift: A Means To Facilitate Positive Changes In The World Water Crises Krisanne Baker 2008 Vermont College of Fine Arts
00618 Does Studying Music and Sound Design Enhance Academic Abilities in Undergraduate Non-Music Majors? A Phenomenological Approach Dr. Kathryn Evans 2016 University of Texas at Dallas
00619 There is no water in the lake: synchronicity, metaphor, narrative, rhythm, and death, in fine art practice Dr Aaron H Murphy 2015 Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (UCL)
00620 Playing with Clay: Knowledge Making Across Physical and Digital Materials Erol Mehmet Gündüz 2017 Teachers College Columbia University
00621 Working between music and philosophy: the transforming gesture. Scott L. Simon 2016 University of Technology, Sydney
00622 Contemporary Urban Media Art - Images of Urgency. A Curatorial Inquiry Tanya Toft 2017 University of Copenhagen
00623 Towards a Model for Artificial Aesthetics: Contributions to the Study of Creative Practices in Procedural and Computational Systems Miguel Carvalhais 2010 University of Porto
00624 Between Heaven And Earth, The Virtual Horizon PAN Cheng Yu 2014 Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University
00625 Interactive Art Based on Musical Genealogy: Nam June Paik’s Random Access Byeongwon Ha 2017 Virginia Commonwealth University
00626 Audible Absence: Searching for the Site in Sound Production Budhaditya Chattopadhyay 2017 Leiden University
00627 Rhythmanalysis: an expressive method for environment/aesthetics relationship. Kyriakos Charalampides 2017 Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatoire in The Hague
00628 Harmonizing Digital Drawing Practice within Studio Art Pedagogy Grant Tedaldi 2016 Teachers College, Columbia University
00629 The Yorkshire Soundscape Project: multi-disciplinary approaches to a sound artist’s experience of landscape within the framework of soundscape ecology and composition Tariq Emam 2017 University of Hull
00630 Messlife, An Online DIY Warehouse Art Space Lee Tusman 2017 UCLA
00631 CATCH | BOUNCE: Towards a relational ontology of the digital in art practice James Charlton 2017 Plymouth University
00632 Naturalism in Synthetic Aesthetics David Martinez-Moreno 07/2017 School of the Art Institute of Chicago
00633 Women Online: Is self-representation enough to tip the scales of femme visibility within dominant cultural narratives? Amanda Stojanov 2017 University of California Los Angeles
00634 Emergent Objects at the Human-Computer Interface (HCI) A Case Study of Artists’ Cybnernetic Relationships and Critical Consciousness Dr. Sherry Mayo 2004 Teachers College Columbia University
00635 An evaluation of digital interfaces for music composition and improvisation Konstantinos Vasilakos 2016 Keele
00636 The Return of Hephaistos: Reconstructing the Fragmented Mythos of the Maker Cheryl De Ciantis 2005 Pacifica Graduate Institute
00637 Your love hurts down to my bones: exploring public understandings of dengue fever in Medellin, Colombia, through an anthropology-art-science investigation Alejandro Valencia-Tobon 2016 The University of Manchester
00638 PostDigital City. Aesthetics and Politics in the Space of Embodied Virtuality Sandra Álvaro Sánchez 28-11- 2016 Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
00639 Artistic Research in Experiments between Art and Technology. With the Examples of Experiments in Art and Technology, Performance Electrics, and Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences Meylan Maximilian Lehner University of Stuttgart
00640 Te Kore - Exploring the Māori Concept of Void Moana Nepia 2013 Auckland University of Technology - Te Whare Wānanga õ Tamaki Makau Rau
00641 Eldorado Edouard Beau 2017 Academy of France - Casa de Velazquez- Madrid
00642 Las Barricadas Misteriosas Edouard Beau 2014 Academy of France, Casa de Velazquez - Madrid
00643 "A Theoretical Model for the Design of a Transcultural Visual Communication System in a Posthuman Condition" Haytham Nawar 2016 Plymouth University
00644 Data Persuasion: Employing a Trustworthy Nudge System in Social Connection via Re-Definitions of Experience, Ownership and Trust in the Future AI-Driven Servicescapes Minwoo Kim June 2017 Royal College of Art
00645 Copy Art Histories: The emergence of the photocopy machine in the 20th century art and its role as Historical Media Art. Tendencies and thematic cartography of Copy Art Beatriz Escribano Belmar 2017 University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
00646 Epistêmê, technê and poïesis visualisations of evolution and extinction in Queensland flora Dr AK Milroy 2017 Central Queensland University
00647 From the virtual to the physical: expanding the boundaries between art and life through emersive digital games Samue Gallastegui González 2016 University of The Baque Country
00648 Le son plastique : empreindre le flux et l'inouï. Sonification et audification dans l'art de l'installation Lorella Abenavoli July 2017 UQAM. Université du Québec À Montréal
00649 Converging Art and Science: Considering the Conditions in which Women and Girls enter STEM Subjects Bettina Forget 2017 Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
00650 Spaces That Perform Themselves Nicole L'Huillier 2017 MIT
00651 Face, A Keyword Story: Metadata Prosthetics in the German Search for Facial Expression from Printed Media to Media Art Devon Schiller 2017 Danube University Krems, Austria
00652 Experimental curating in times of the perpetual beta: strategies and platforms for online-based art Lia Carreira 2017 Danube University Krems
00653 Designing for the Mindbody in Technology-Mediated Music-Making Aura Pon 2018 University of Calgary
00654 How Do Digital Technologies Affect The Aesthetics Of Japanese Calligraphy Art And Culture? Hua-Chun Fan 2017 Danube University Krems, Aalborg University, University of Lodz
00655 Street Art: a tool for increasing biodiversity awareness Diane Arrieta 2014 University of Edinburgh
00656 Channelisation of Noise through a Rhythmic Grid: Brutalist Mechatronic Sound-sculpture Mo H. Zareei 2016 Victoria University of Wellington