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LABS IDThesis TitleAuthorYearUniversity
00442 Effortful Interaction: A New Paradigm for the Design of Digital Musical Instruments Nicholas Ward 2013 Queen's University Belfast
00443 The Politics and Poetics of Coexistence: Experiments At The Intersection Of Art And Environmental Engineering Tega Brain 2012 Queensland University of Technology
00444 Languages of Russian and Chinese narrative video art Victoria Marchenkova 2013 RSUH
00445 Felt_Space infrastructure: Hyper vigilant spatiality to valence the visceral dimension. Dr Mathew Henry Emmett 2013 Plymouth University UK
00446 Estructuras Narrativas Lúdicas: Un resorte creativo para artistas digitales Xochitl Tortolero Cervantes 2013 Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
00447 Reuniting Science and Art Through Museum Exhibitions Monika Lea Jones 2014 San Francisco State University
00448 Axial; a Sound Art Work of an Oceanographic Expedition Hugo Solís 2014 University of Washington
00449 Presence, Immersion and the Panorama: a theoretical, technical and artistic investigation into the nature of presence and immersion in virtual reality. Matthew McGinity 2014 University of New South Wales
00450 Three-Dimensional Poetic Natures Jayne Fenton-Keane 2008 Griffith University
00451 Laser Techniques As An Approach to enrich The Contemporary Visual Arts. Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien 2011 Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.
00452 Ocularium Lucis: Light and Optical Theory in Guarino Guarini's Church of San Lorenzo Noé Badillo 2012 The University of Arizona
00453 Do any illustrations of evolution by natural selection actually illustrate evolution by natural selection? Rebecca Price 2014 University of the Arts London
00454 Interactive Spaces in Art Museums SALİHA NESLİ GÜL 2014 Yildiz Technical University
00455 Phasing Loops Rodrigo Stromberg Guinski 2012 Texas A&M University
00456 In Search of the 'Anti-Environment': Breaking the ___________ distance Harsha Biswajit 2014 School of Visual Arts
00458 On Computational Ecosystems in Media Arts Rui Filipe Antunes 2014 University of London, United Kingdom
00459 Symbiogenic Experience and the Emergent Arts: Cybernetics, Art and Existential Phenomenology Carlos Castellanos 2014 Simon Fraser University
00460 Motion Within Motion: Investigating Digital Video in Light of Substantial Motion Azadeh Emadi December 2014 Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
00461 The Music One Participates In: Analysis of participatory musical practice at the beginning of 21st century Kazuhiro Jo 2015 Kyushu University
00462 The Artists' Footprint: Investigating the distinct contributions of artists engaging the public with climate data Rachel Jacobs 2014 University of Nottingham
00463 Communicating Science: Explorations through Science and Art Eleanor Gates-Stuart 2014 Australian National University
00465 The theatrical experience as human transformation: theater and neuroscience of emotions Dorys Faria Calvert 2014
00466 BODY: ART SHOW/STAGE OF SCIENCE Fatima Alfredo 2017 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
00467 Identification Mathematical Patterns and Behavioral-physiological isomorphisms In Expression Of Model Abstract Art Danilo Andrade de Meneses 2015 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
00468 Experience and Viewpoints in the Social Domain of Space Technology Joanna Griffin 2014 Plymouth University
00469 Supporting Music Composition With Interactive Paper Jérémie Garcia 2014 Université Paris-Sud
00470 Autopoietic-Extended Architecture: Can Buildings Think? Dennis Dollens 2015 University of Edinburgh
00472 Architecture as optical machine. A visual deformation through light. Eleni-Ino Theodorou 2014 Universite Paris 8 (France) & Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece)
00474 A postcolonial critique of industrial design: A critical evaluation of the relationship of culture and hegemony to design practice and education since the late 20th century. Taslima Begum 2015 University of Plymouth
00475 DECOUPLING AND CONTEXT IN NEW MEDIA ART Tomás Laurenzo 2014 Universidad de la República
00476 Exploring Naming Behavior In Personal Digital Image Collections: The Iconology And Language Games Of Pinterest Tami Sutcliffe 2014 University of North Texas
00478 Mediating Poles: Media Art and Critical Experiments of the Polish Site, 2004-2009 Aleksandra Kaminska 2012 York University
00479 Extending Opera – Artist-led Explorations in Operatic Practice through Interactivity and Electronics Carl Unander-Scharin 2014, Thesis defended January 29, 2015 KTH Royal Institute of Technology
00480 Failures and Other Strange Biological Objects Isabelle Desjeux 2010 Lasalle College of the Arts (Singapore)
00481 Outline of a Subversive Technopoetic: for a Libertarian Pedartgogy Francesco Monico 2013 Plymouth University
00482 Mapping Dynamic Relations in Sound and Space Perception Luca Forcucci 2015 De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
00483 Actor-Network Music: A Paradigm for Distributed, Networked Music Composition Kelly Michael Fox 2015 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
00484 A historical enquiry into the animation unit, situated within the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) 1976-1988 Shanaz Shapurjee 2009 University of the Witwatersrand
00485 The Go-Between. The Audiovisual Archive as a Mediator Between Copyright and Film Historiography. Claudy Op den Kamp 2015 University of Plymouth, UK
00486 Objects Wrapped in Dreams Wrapped in Objects prOphecy sun 2015 Emily Carr University of Art + Design
00489 A Hyper-media & Project-based Approach to Music, Sound & Media Art Marinos Koutsomichalis 2015 De Montfort University
00490 Coactive Systems - Art and science research focused on phytoplankton Gene A. Felice II 2014 UC Santa Cruz
00491 Interactive Art Objects in New Media Art: Works of Olga Kisseleva from 1990s to 2010s Alexander Kiryutin 2014 Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin
00492 Climate Change: A Different Subjectivity? Roslyn Ellen Taplin 2015 Queensland College of Art - Griffith University
00493 The Harmonic Pattern Function: A Mathematical Model Integrating Synthesis of Sound and Graphical Patterns Lance Putnam 2012 University of California, Santa Barbara
00494 Digital Debris of Internet Art: An Allegorical and Entropic Resistance to the Epistemology of Search Nils Jean 2015 Royal College of Art
00495 Affect and the experimental design of domestic products Guy Keulemans 2015 University of New South Wales
00496 Embroidery Designs at Embroidery MIX DrotAcrorge Version 1, Version 2
00497 Facilitating Human Computer Interaction Artworks: The Nature of Interactivity Within Architectonic Schemes Luba Diduch 2015 Bath Spa University
00498 Aesthetics of seams. The emergence of media properties Alessio Chierico 2016 Kunstuniversität Linz (Austria)
00499 Musical Composition Techniques of Maurice Ravel and Toru Takemitsu To Digital Cinema Dr. Wen-Shing Ho 2013 Waseda University, Tokyo Japan
00500 Other-Worlds: encounters with the visual perception of lungfishes through science and art Audrey Appudurai 2015 The University of Western Australia
00501 Computer Vision and Contemporary Visualities: Compositions of Seeing and the Visible Between Technics, Science, and Art André Goes Mintz 2015 Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
00502 Affective Enactive Systems in Art and TechnoScience: Vital Experiences of Displacement in the City Tiago Franklin Rodrigues Lucena 2013 University of Brasilia
00503 Listening art: making sonic artworks that critique listening Camille Robinson 2016 University of Melbourne
00504 Constructive Visualization : A token-based paradigm allowing to assemble dynamic visual representation for non-experts Samuel Huron 2015 UNIVERSITE PARIS-SUD
00506 Bringing the Future to Life Trevor Haldenby 2013 OCAD University
00507 Waste media pedagogy: Soundscape composition as responsive spatial practice Pietro Sammarco 2015 Simon Fraser University
00508 Drawing Machines & The Representation of Reality Pedro Maia 2010 School of Fine Arts - University of Porto
00510 A Machine that Dreams: An Artistic Enquiry Leading to an Integrative Theory and Computational Artwork Benjamin David Robert Bogart 2014 Simon Fraser University
00511 Behind the Silicon Curtain: Computer Art in the Eastern Bloc Todor Bozhinov September 2015 University of the Arts Bremen
00512 Chicano New Media Art Ricardo Cortez 2015 San Jose State University
00514 Unfolding Space Julieta Aguilera 2006 University of Illinois at Chicago
00515 Artistic anti-fraud activism against online advance fee fraud Andreas Zingerle 2016 University of Art and Design Linz, Austria
00517 Seeing the Unseen: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's Pulse Based Works Claudia Arozqueta 2013 Danube University Krems, Austria
00518 Un-Natural Histories: The Specimen as Site of Knowledge Production in Contemporary Art Helen Gregory 2016 University of Western Ontario
00519 The Regime of Amplification John C. Hopkins 2013 UTS & La Trobe University
00520 Reverence and Reference: Meaning in Virtual Reality Julieta Aguilera 1997 University of Notre Dame
00521 Nature as Discourse: A Co-evolutionary Systems Approach to Art and Environmental Design Susannah Hays May 2016 University of California, Berkeley
00522 Magic Objects: transforming objects of virtual subjectiveness into interactive adventures in mixed reality systems Carmen Platero Vázquez 2016 Universitat Pompeu Fabra
00523 A Study on Method to Enhance Effectiveness and Presence of Interactivity in Networked Performance : Based on the Analysis of ‘Good Morning Mr. Orwell’ Jungsun Park 2013 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
00524 Curating web-based art exhibitions: mapping their migration and intergration with offline formats of production Marialaura Ghidini 2015 University of Sunderland
00525 Prácticas divergentes de preservación del arte de los medios. Recordar y olvidar en la cultura digital [Divergent Practices of Media Art Preservation. Remembering and Forgetting in the Digital Culture] Vanina Yael Hofman 2016 Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
00526 On the Evolution of the Heavenly Spheres: An Enactive Approach to Cosmography David McConville 2014 Plymouth University
00527 Dance Illusioning the Cyborg: Technological Themes in the Movement Practices and Audience Perception of Three Urban Dance Styles Diego S. Maranan 2012 Simon Fraser University
00528 Mixing the library: information interaction and the DJ Daniel Norton 2013 University of Dundee
00530 Points de vue Yves Candau 2015 Simon Fraser University
00531 Edges of Color: An exploration of colored light in a tech culture environment David Harris 2016 University of California, Santa Cruz
00532 Generative Art as Experiment Andres Wanner 2013 Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada
00533 Black Body Radiation Melisa Palacio / Claire Dorweiler 2016 Bauhaus-Universtät Weimar, Germany
00535 Between Technophilia, Cold War and Rationality: A Social and Cultural History of Digital Art German Alfonso Nunez 2016 University of the Arts London
00536 The Characteristics of Contemporary Digital Interactive Art Yu-Chuan Tseng 2010 National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, Hsinchu
00537 A Theory on Musical Translation Benjamin O'Brien 2015 University of Florida
00538 Eleutheromania Morgan McAllister 2016 UCSB
00539 Exploring the Cognitive Correlates of Artistic Practice using a Parameterized Non-Photorealistic Toolkit Stephen DiPaola 2013 University of British Columbia
00540 Metaphors in the responsive artistic installations Josefina López Aguayo 2016 University of Barcelona (UB)
00541 Bioart as a Space for Identity Conceptualization: Figuring the Human Body Under the Scope of Biotechnologies Marianne Cloutier 2015 Université du Québec à Montréal
00542 "Being and Becoming: Physics, Hegemony, Art and the Nomad in the Works of Ezra Pound, Marcel Duchamp, Samuel Beckett, John Cage and Thomas Pynchon." Dr. Martin E. Rosenberg 1990 University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School
00543 Polyphibianism: Evolving Transdisciplinarity into an Imaginary Organism of Living Knowledge Živa Ljubec 2015 Plymouth University
00544 Media arts and social transformation in Chile during transition period 1990-2014 Valentina Montero Peña 2015 Barcelona University
00545 Configuring Corporeality: Performing bodies, vibrations and new musical instruments Marco Donnarumma 2015 Goldsmiths, University of London
00546 Postgenomic Identity: Art and Biopolitics Heather Dewey-Hagborg 2016 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
00547 VASTAL: The Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics, Ltd. Adam Zaretsky 2012 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
00548 Contagious Matters: The social constructs of cancer culture Tristan Matheson 2016 Concordia University
00549 Whimsical Bodies: Agency and Playfulness in Robotic Art Treva Michelle Pullen April 2016 OCAD University
00550 Bioart under the lens of a Kantian microscope. Jessica Donato 2015 Goldsmiths College
00551 Nature & Spirit: A Digital Lens of Gay-Male Culture Brandon S. Gellis 2015 University of Denver