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LABS IDThesis TitleAuthorYearUniversity
00103 Virtual space model for industrial design Gianluca Mura 2005 Politecnico di Milano,University,Faculty of Industrial Design
00104 The Structure, Perception and Generation of Musical Patterns M. Nyssim Lefford 2004 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
00105 It's in Your Eyes - Gaze Based Image Retrieval in Context Lasse Scherffig 2005 University of Bremen
00106 OPERATING IN MEDIA REALITY - FOR A CRITICAL PRACTICE IN INTERACTIVE IMAGES Samuel Bianchini 2004 Université Paris 1 - Panthéon-Sorbonne
00107 Excessive Economies: information and symbolic exchange David Teh 2005 University of Sydney
00108 Coloured Universe and the Russian Avant-Garde.Matiushin on Colour Vision in Stalin's Russia 1932 Margareta Tillberg 2003 Stockholm University
00110 The Natural History Diorama's Trace in NatureCulture Max Liboiron SUNY stonyrbook
00111 Improvisatory Music and Painting Interface Hugo Solís García 2004 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
00112 Designing for Emotions - arguments for an emphasis on affect in design Martin Pichlmair 2004 Vienna University of Technology
00113 Now and There - a Tangible Weather Channel Yu-Cheng Hsu 2005 Rhode Island School of Design
00115 Tanya Sheehan Tanya Sheehan 2005 Brown University
00116 Negotiating the Space Between Body and Machine Rachel Beth Egenhoefer 2004 University of California, San Diego
00117 European Avant-garde: Art, Borders and Culture in Relationship to Mainstream Cinema and New Media Lanfranco Aceti 2005 University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
00118 Situated Representation Michel van Dartel 2005 Universiteit Maastricht
00119 The [hid] Toolkit for Pd Hans-Christoph Steiner 2004 New York University
00120 Thought, Expression and Hypermediacy Carlos Alberto Augusto 1993 Simon Fraser University
00121 Cyborg and Human: when a postmodern myth meets humanism YEUNG Yang 2004 Chinese University of Hong Kong
00122 The dimension of the enchantment: scenography and digital technologies Regina Cunha Wilke 2005 Universtity of São Paulo (USP - FAU)
00123 REYNALDO LAGASCA DURAN REYNALDO LAGASCA DURAN 2004 Graduate School Consortium of Jose Rizal Memorial State College and Negros Oriental State University, Philippines
00124 Virtual Community Interfaces Felipe Cesar Londoño L. 2005 Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
00125 Digital Lutherie: Crafting musical computers for new musics’ performance and improvisation Sergi Jorda 2005 Universitat Pompeu Fabra
00126 Transient communication systems: A system-theory reading of interactive digital installation art Falk Heinrich 2005 University of Aarhus, Denmark
00128 Evolving Performance Control Systems for Digital Puppetry Dr Andrew Joseph Alexander Gildfind 2001 RMIT University
00129 Virtual theatres Clarisse Bardiot 2005 Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3) / CNRS (Arias lab)
00130 Albatross : a metaphor for vision & interplayed ideas ilias koen 2005 School of Visual Arts, New York
00131 reIMAGing SPlACE Christine Goldbeck 2005 Goddard College
00132 Playtime in the White Cube - game art: between interactive art and video games Andrew Hieronymi 2005 University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
00133 The Delegation of Perception (DOP) Monika Jaeckel 2002 Merz-Akademie Stuttgart / University of Portsmouth
00134 Real-Time Metaphorical Visualization of Multi-Dimensional Environmental Data Eric Aley 2006 Texas A&M University
00135 Computer graphics – aesthetic experiments between two cultures Christoph Kluetsch 2006 University Bremen
00136 The Promise of Perfection: A Cultural Perspective on the Shaping of Computer Simulation and Games Jan Van Looy 2006 K.U.Leuven, Belgium
00137 Connective Tissue: Skin as Medium of Embodiment and Transcendence from the Baroque to the Posthuman Jenny, Barbara Rita 2002 Maine College of Art, MFA Program
00138 From Le Musee des Sciences to the Science Museum: fifteen years of evolving methodologies in the science/art interface Martha Fleming 2004 Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
00139 assise entre deux chaises Paule Bezaire 2003 Goddard College
00142 Art of Women: The Depression, Labor, and War Hatice Brenton 2003 Goddard College
00143 New Storytelling Machines: Emergent Theatre and Digital Technologies Joe Wachs 2005 The Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU
00144 The Tree of Art. A Trans-sensorial and Intersubjective Matrix for a Non- visual Art and for the Silence of the Artistic I. Cristina Miranda de Almeida 2006 University of the Basque Country
00145 Seeing Angels and the Spiritual in Film - An Interdisciplinary Study of a Sensuous Experience Martha Blassnigg 2000 University of Amsterdam
00146 KinAesthetic Movement Interaction - Designing for the Pleasure of Motion Jin Moen 2006 Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden
00147 Mimesis as the Representation of Types: The Historical and Psychological Basis of an Aesthetic Idea Michael Ranta 2000 Stockholm University, Sweden
00148 The Implications for Artistic Expressions and Representations of corporeality of the Experimental Techniques of Biomedical Engineering Patricia L. Adams 2005 Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.
00149 Extremities of the Video Christine Mello 2004 Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo
00150 Glocal Vagabondage: Nomadism as a Tactical Use of Information and Communication Technology Valeska K. Buehrer 2006 University of Portsmouth/ Merz Akademie Stuttgart
00151 Videogames: toys of the posthuman Roger Tavares (Rogério Jr. Correia Tavares) 2006 PUC-SP - Pontificia Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil
00152 Visualising Boolean Set Operations: Real & Virtual Boundaries in Contemporary Site-Specific Art Eugenia Fratzeskou 2006 University of Surrey / Wimbledon School of Art (London)
00153 Voice Interfaces in Hypermediatic Environments Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel 2006 University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
00155 Aesthetics, Writing, Networked Computers Joerg Mueller 2005 European Graduate School (EGS)
00156 Structural Constellations: Excursus on the drawings of Josef Albers c. 1950–1960 Anthony Auerbach 2003 University College London
00157 AFFECTS: Intermedial Images between Art, Philosophy, and Science Julainne S. Sumich 2006 The University of Auckland, New Zealand
00158 This Might Be a Game: Ubiquitous Play and Performance at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century Jane Evelyn McGonigal 2006 University of California at Berkeley
00159 Gaming in Art Phillipa (Pippa) Stalker 2005 University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
00160 <random> search Ayah Bdeir 2006 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
00163 Understanding So-young Park 2006 Simon Fraser University
00164 Re-situating Performance Within The Ambiguous, The Liminal, And The Threshold: Performance Practice Understood Through Theories Of Embodiment Franziska Schroeder 2006 The University of Edinburgh
00165 Aquabatics as new works of Live Art Sarah Jane Pell 2006 Edith Cowan University, Western Australia
00166 LIVE CINEMA LANGUAGE AND ELEMENTS Mia Makela 2006 Helsinki University of Art and Design
00167 Interactive Technologies for the Public Sphere: Towards a Theory of Critical Creative Technology Dr. Pamela Jennings 2006 University of Plymouth
00168 MEMORY-CRAFT: THE ROLE OF DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY IN WOMEN’S JOURNALS Tammy Powley 2006 University of Central Florida
00169 Modernity and the scientific uses of design: A critical investigation in the notion of art and style of the artificial with special reference to the human antiquity controversy 1858-1908 Dr Assimina Kaniari University of Oxford
00170 Collaboration in Sonic Design: frameworks for designing interactive sound environments Jeremy Yuille 2006 RMIT University
00171 Landscape Denatured: Digitizing the Wild Eric Kabisch 2006 University of California, Irvine
00172 Expressive Processing: On Process-Intensive Literature and Digital Media Noah Wardrip-Fruin 2006 Brown University
00174 Mathematical Sculpture: Definition, Backgrounds in History of Art, Development, Evolution Prospects and Classification base on Mathematical Concepts Ricardo Zalaya Báez 2006 Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
00175 Atmospheric Architecture: 'outSIDEin' Maja Petric 2006 New York University
00176 Fields of Interaction: From Shadow Play Theatre to Media Performance Aleksandra Dulic 2006 SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY
00177 Telepresence: interaction and interfaces Yara Rondon Guasque Araujo Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo - PUCSP
00179 Boundary Expeditions: Strategies for Creative Research at the Interface of Art and Life Science Gabriel Harp 2007 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
00180 Travels in Intertextuality: the autopoetic identity of remix culture Joel Anthony Flynn 2006 Simon Fraser University
00181 Inhabited Content: An exploration into the role of the viewer through the realisation of In Conversation and other works. Susan Collins 2001 The University of Reading
00182 Improve - exploring modes of listening Richard Widerberg 2007 University of Art and Design Helsinki
00183 Organizing Sound with Circuit-Bending and Data Sonification Joni Lyytikäinen 2007 University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH
00184 CAS - Collaborative Artwork System Brenda Castro 2007 University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH
00185 Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage Applications Meehae Song 2006 Nanyang Technological University
00186 COLLECTIVE SELF-PORTRAIT: Poetics of Opening to the Spectator in the [De]Construction of a Collective Identity. AUTO-RETRATO COLETIVO: Poéticas de Abertura ao Espectador na [Des]Construção de uma Identidade Coletiva. NARDO GERMANO 2007 University of São Paulo, Brazil
00187 PARABOLA-IMAGO: Creative Transmutations between Verbal and Visual Signs. PARABOLA-IMAGO: Transmutações Criativas entre o Verbal e o Visual. Agnus Valente 2002 University of São Paulo, Brazil
00188 Teaching Performance in the Digital Age: Computerized Technologies, Improvisational Play Techniques and Interactive Learning Processes Kathryn T Farley 2007 Northwestern University
00189 Frames Ethan Ham 2005 Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, USA
00190 Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color from Paper to Pixels: A Physical and Neuropsychological Analysis Mariah Elizabeth Klaneski 2007 Wesleyan University
00191 Bioneering: Hybrid Investigations of Food Lisa Tucker 2007 University of California, Irvine
00192 In Silico, vida artificial Florence Gouvrit Montaño 2003 ENPEG La Esmeralda (Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado de Bellas Artes)
00193 skin Helen-Nicole Kostis 2006 University of Illinois at Chicago
00196 Practice of Invitation - Art and meaningful participation Markuz Wernli Saitô 2007 Transart Institute, Danube University, Krems, Austria
00198 Creating Creativity Heather Dewey-Hagborg 2007 New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
00199 Desiring Machinations of Matertekhnologi Kelly Andres 2008 University of Lethbridge, CANADA
00200 Designing Multisensory Interac Christina Heidecker, MA 2008 University of Art and Industri
00202 The Human-Digital Devide: The application of Rapid Prototyping and Haptic technology as Industrial Design tools for senorally rich interaction J.A.Self 2006 University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Herts. England
00203 sensate skins: Unfolding an affective, responsive aesthetics Dennis Humphrey 2007 Simon Fraser University
00204 A planetary myth: exploring hypermedia Cláudia Martin Nascimento 2007 São Paulo University - USP, Brazil
00205 Opera in the Age of Media Jelena Novak 2007 University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
00207 An enactive approach to digital musical instrument design Newton Armstrong 2006 Princeton University
00208 Towards Autonomous Agents for Live Computer Music: Realtime Machine Listening and Interactive Music Systems Nicholas Mark Collins 2006 Cambridge
00209 Creativity and AI: A Conceptual Blending Approach Francisco C Pereira 2005 University of Coimbra
00210 The Paradox of the Posthuman in Science Fiction/Techno-Horror and Visual Media Julie Clarke 2004 The University of Melbourne
00211 Patterning:The Informatics of Art and Fashion Daria Dorosh 2008 University of East London
00212 Artificial Intelligence and Art Penousal machado 2006 University of Coimbra
00214 Compositional Strategies in Electroacoustic Music Jorge Rodrigo Sigal Sefchovich 2003 City University, London
00215 Tea House Vending Machine Jing Zheng 2008 Parsons the New School for Design
00216 The enigma of the dancing pancha-loha (five metal) icons: archaeometallurgical and art historical investigations on south Indian bronzes’ Dr Sharada Srinivasan 1996 Institute of Archaeology, University College London, University of London