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LABS IDThesis TitleAuthorYearUniversity
*removed* 00877 Environmental Citizenship in Scenes: Foundations for a Proposal for Teaching Fiction to the Empirical World Madalena de Mello e Silva 2020 Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ)
*removed* 00878 Metaphors We Play With: A Psychological Investigation of Transfer From Game Systems Barrett R. Anderson 2018 UC Santa Cruz
00001 Burning the Interface : artists' interactive multimedia 1992-1998 Mike Leggett 2000 University of New South Wales
00002 A Procedural Model for the Integration of Physical and Cyberspaces in Architecture Peter Anders 2003 University of Plymouth
00003 Principles of Metadesign: Processes and Levels of Co-Creation in the New Design Space Elisa Giaccardi 2004 Shool of Computing, Communications, and Electronics / University of Plymouth, UK
00005 Design: interface of contemporary culture Adriana de Souza e Silva 1999 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
00006 Public News Network: Digital Sampling To Create A Hybrid Media Feed Jack Stenner 2003 Texas A&M University
00007 Phase Space Portraits of the Nuestra Señora delos Dolores of Baclayon Fatima Lasay 2002 University of the Philippines
00008 The Problem of Death in Contemporary Lithuanian Art Dalia Navikaite 2004 Vilnius Academy of Arts
00009 Sounds You Can Touch Robert J. Gluck 2001 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
00012 Language, Memoru and Volition: Toward an Aesthetics of Computer Arts Maureen A. Nappi 2002 New York University
00013 aether: an experiment in the phenomenology of reading Erik Conrad 2002 Georgia Institute of Technology
00014 A Critical Examination of “Computer Art”:Its History and Application Nicholas Lambert 2003 Oxford University
00015 Dr Keith Armstrong 2003 Queensland University of Technology
00016 Making Games with LEGO: Exploring the Uses of an Active LEGO Baseplate for Building Computer Games as a Learning Activity Oliver Moran 2002 University of Limerick
00017 Empyrean : Soft Skinned Space Dr Melinda Rackham 2004 University of New South Wales and College of Fine Arts
000173 Generative Music and Cellular Automata David M Burraston 2006 Creativity & Cognition Studios, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia
00018 Electroacoustic Music: Morphological Analysis and Analytical Representation Pierre Couprie 2003 University of Paris IV-Sorbonne
00019 Discovering Mixed Reality: inventing design criteria for an action based Mixed Reality Mette Ramsgard Thomsen 2004 University College London
00020 Expanded Media: Interactive and Generative Processes in New Media Art Sam Woolf 2005 University of Sussex
00021 Ceremony of Innocence: A Case Study of the Emergent Poetics of Interactive Narrative Jim Bizzocchi 2001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
00022 Art in the Information Age: Cybernetics, Software, Telematics, and the Conceptual Contributions of Art and Technology to Art History and Aesthetic Theory Edward Allen Shanken 2001 Duke University
00023 Knowledge Visualization: Problems and Principles for Mapping the Knowledge Space Greg Judelman 2004 International School of New Media, Lübeck, Germany
00024 The Application of L-systems and Developmental Models to Computer Art, Animation and Music Synthesis Jon McCormack 2003 Monash University
00025 stories in between: a dissertation drew davidson 2001 university of texas at austin
00026 Erotecha: Electronic Intimacy in the Computer-based Interactive Narrative Brigid Costello 1999 University of Sydney
00028 Punching, Kicking, Falling Back, Falling Down Kate Chapman 2004 Pratt Institute
00029 From Me to Us-a computer generated music installation Koray Tahiroglu 2003 University of Art and Design UIAH Helsinki
00030 De-coding the Digital Revolution: A Critical Approach to the Presentation of the Term in Business Literature at the Turn of the Millennium Genco GULAN 2001 New School, NY, NY
00031 The Visual Language of New Media: Towards the Total Surround Emanuela Zilio University of Siena
00032 Virtual Culture and Virtualization of Culture Daniele Angeli 2004 University of Siena
00034 Good Life Game Prototype. Designing Game Mechanics for Group Interaction. Markku Lappalainen 2004 University of Art and Design UIAH Helsinki
00035 New Images for a New Medium - a case study of SITO Interactive Arts website Lenara Verle 1999 PUCRS - Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
00036 The HeUretics of Information: The Death of Rhetoric Kenneth Feinstein 2004 European Graduate School/ University of Wallis
00038 Reading Engineered Spaces: Bridges as Texts in Modern American Culture J.N. Nodelman 2005 University of Alberta
00039 La médiation de l'art contemporain Sylvie Lacerte 2004 Université du Québec à Montréal
00040 Aesthetics and Hyper/aesthetics: Rethinking the Senses in Contemporary Media Contexts Melanie Swalwell 2002 University of Technology, Sydney
00041 The Kinesfield: a Study of Movement-based Interactive and Choreographic Art Gretchen Schiller 2003 University of Plymouth
00042 The Father in All of Us Lisa Nigro 1994 The University of Texas at Austin
00043 net_work_ed: Simulated Bodies and Objects Intertwined in Cyberplaces and Art Educational Spaces -- Threads of a Critical Digital Pedagogy Robert W. Sweeny 2004 The Pennsylvania State University
00045 SALIX: Capturiing the essence, experiencee and the evolution of interpretive data sysytems in exocyborgian entities and interpreting into an artform- giving Salix a voice john sherman lathram lll 2004 Ohio State University
00046 Internal Networks: Telepathy Meets Technology in the Dream Pod Camille Baker SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY, Burnaby, BC CANADA
00047 Dr Dr Garth Paine 2003 RMIT
00048 Quantum Feminist Mnemotechnics: The Archival Text, Electronic Narrative and the Limits of Memory Carolyn G. Guertin 2003 University of Alberta
00049 Participatory Media: Visual Culture in Real Time Daniel Palmer 2004 University of Melbourne
00050 In Finity - A dissertation on Inbetween Worlds A.S. Sajith 2001 University of Hyderabad, India
00051 InquirySpace: an Immersive Document in the Style of the 'Opera Reductio' Kenneth Fields 2000 University of California Santa Barbara
00053 Screen and Frame in Painting in the Digital Era Dr Melina Berkenwald 2002 University of Westminster, London.
00054 Immersive Ideals / Critical Distances Joseph Nechvatal 1999 University of Wales College, Newport, Wales, U. K.
00055 The Reality Effect of Technoscience Julian Bleecker 2004 University of California, Santa Cruz
00056 The R.g.b-project Jacky Sawatzky 2004 Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
00057 Hypertext-based Art Education: Implications for Liberatory Learning in High School Pamela G. Taylor 1999 The Pennsylvania State University
00058 Protein Sculptures Julian Voss-Andreae 2004 Pacific Northwest College of Art
00059 Liquid Architectures: Marcos Novak's Territory of Information Camile A. Silva 2005 Louisiana State University
00060 Picasso Seizes Donald Duck Holly Crawford 2003 University of Essex
00061 From shadow citizens to teflon stars: cultural responses to the digital actor Lisa Bode 2005 The University of New South Wales, Australia
00062 Tools, authoritative practices of text, constitution of the digital literature field Broudoux 2004 Université Paris8 - France
00063 Emotion und ästhetische Erfahrung. Zur Rezeptionsästhetik der Video-Installationen Buried Secrets von Bill Viola. (Emotion and Aesthetic Experience. The Aesthetic Reception of Bill Viola's Video-Installations Buried Secrets.) Anne Hamker 2003 Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
00064 A Software-based Knowledge Management System using Narrative Texts Thomas Rudy McDaniel 2004 University of Central Florida
00065 The Machine that Made Science Art: The Troubled History of Computer Art 1963-1989 Grant David Taylor 2004 The University of Western Australia
00066 The Swap-O-Matic Lina Fenequitio 2005 Parsons School of design
00067 Bioglyphs: generating images in collaboration with nature's events Daro Montag 2000 University of Hertfordshire, UK
00068 Crosswise: Sharing Goals, Sharing Time Tor de Vries 2005 Parsons School of Design
00069 Art, Art History and Systems-Theory francis halsall 2004 university of glasgow
00070 Four Quarters of the Earth: A Heuristic-Hermeneutic Approach to World Art Kathleen I. Kimball 2004 Union Institute & University
00071 On Earthquakes (Ueber Erdbeben - Ein Versuch zur Erweiterung seismologischer Darstellungsweisen) Florian Dombois 1998 Humboldt-University Berlin (Germany)
00072 Exploring experiences of global awareness and holistic overview in interactive environments Michael Hohl Sheffield Hallam University
00073 Interactivity and Reproductivity in Early Video Art. An Art Historical Encounter With a New Medium Maurice Haak 2003 Freie Universität Berlin
00074 Sound Diffusion Using Hand Held, Light Emitting Pen Controllers. Kenneth Brown 2004 Queen's University Belfast, U.K.
00075 Caliban Robot: Artificial Stubbornness Evoked through a Shakespearian Character Annabel Castro Meagher 2005 Chalmers University of Technology
00076 Transitive: Immersive Visualization of Real Time Network Transfers Brenda A. Lopez Silva 2004 University of Illinois at Chicago
00077 Dark Room Project Virginia M Madsen 2001 University of Technology, Sydney
00078 Three-dimensional computer animation : Between tradition and artistic innovation Verónica CAMACHO CAMACHO 2004 UNIVERSITÉ PARIS 8 — VINCENNES SAINT-DENIS
00079 Fantasy Architecture: The Drawing in a Digital Space Ann Talley 2005 Parsons School of Design
00080 Design of virtual three-dimensional instruments for sound control Axel G.E. Mulder 1998 Simon Fraser University
00081 Machine Metaphysics: Descartes, the Mechanization of Life, and the Dawn of the Posthuman Andres Vaccari 2006 Macquarie University
00082 The sound of friction: real-time models, playability and musical applications Stefania Serafin 2004 Stanford University, CA
00083 Between Mnemo and Locus: architecture of virtual spaces, construction of mental spaces Anja Pratschke 2002 University of São Paulo, Brazil
00084 Singing cells, art, science and the noise in between Anne Niemetz 2004 University of California Los Angeles
00085 Light Attack Daniel Sauter 2004 University of California Los Angeles
00086 RESEARCH ARTS: THE INTERSECTION ART, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AS A FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE AND ACTION Stella Veciana 2004 Universitat de Barcelona, Facultat de Belles Arts
00087 Relations about Art and Science at Museums and Science Centres from 1969 until 2000 Maria do Rosário de Assumpção Braga 2004 House of Oswaldo Cruz at Oswaldo Cruz'Foundation Institute (FIOCRUZ) - Brasil
00088 Blogviz: Mapping the dynamics of Information Diffusion in Blogspace Manuel Lima 2005 Parsons School of Design - New School University
00089 A 21st Century Flâneur : Landscape, Embodiment, and Photography Meggan L. Gould 2005 University of Massachusetts--Dartmouth
00090 Cartographies of the Identity: six itineraries to reflect about artistic and communicative practices in the digital era Gemma San Cornelio Esquerdo 2003 Polytechnic University of Valencia
00091 The Spatial Narration Model Blanca Montalvo Gallego 2003 Politecnic University of Valencia, Spain
00092 Micropolitical Machines Catherine D'Ignazio 2005 Maine College of Art
00093 Stranger's images: Net Art and an-other representation Maria Victoria Guglietti 2004 University of Calgary
00094 Hypermedia Design on the Internet: A semiotic analysis of the on line communication patterns Marcelo Luis Barbosa dos Santos 2005 Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo - PUC/SP
00095 A Unitary Model of Intense Aesthetic Experience in Art and Science Melvin L. Alexenberg 1969 New York University
00096 Designing Multi-sensory Displays for Abstract Data. Keith V. Nesbitt 2003 University of Sydney
00097 Applications of Generative String Substitution Systems in Computer Music R. Luke DuBois 2003 Columbia University
00098 From the Subject of Anatomy to the Anatomy of the Subject Raphael Cuir 2004 Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
00099 Video Activism in the Italian Centri Sociali. A Visual Ethnography Alessandra Caporale 2003 Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland
00100 Hypermedia Systems: The Creation and Interpretation of Concept-based Art Dr Dew Harrison 1998 CAiiA, University of Wales, UK
00101 From the Dark Room. Portuguese Video Art. Tânia Saraiva 2002 University of Manchester and Sotheby's Institute of Art
00102 The role of Internet in the culture emergent from the present world (1945-2003). Interactive installations, Net.Art and hypertexts on line as studies of case Joan Campàs Montaner 2005 University of Barcelona