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51.Details of a Dual
S. Cabreara
Call Number: 1291
52.Don Antonio todavia
Miguel Angelgonzalo
Call Number: 1293
53.Elisa Vida Mia
Carlos Saura
Call Number: 1300
R. Guerra
Call Number: 1303
55.Espejo de Escritores: Octavio Paz
Call Number: 1308
56.The Blue Kite
Zhuangzhuang Tian
Call Number: 131
57.Centre Stage
Kwan, Stanley
Call Number: 1310
58.The Flower of my Secret
Pedro Almodovar
Call Number: 1314
59.Fortunata y Jacinta
Fons, Angelino
Call Number: 1316
P. Ledue
Call Number: 1318
61.Bian cheng
Ling Zifeng
Call Number: 132
62.Garden of Delights, The
Saura, Carlos
Call Number: 1320
63.Half of Heaven
Aragon, Manuel Gutierrez
Call Number: 1321
64.The Holy Innocents
Camus, Mario
Call Number: 1323
65.La Guerra del Cerdo
Nilsson, Leopoldo
Call Number: 1332
66.Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart
Wang, Wayne
Call Number: 134
67.Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme
J. Meyer
Call Number: 1348
68.Le Grand Chemin
Hubert, Jean Loup
Call Number: 1353
69.Le Misanthrope
P. Dux
Call Number: 1356
70.Eat Drink Man Woman
Lee, Ang
Call Number: 136
71.Life and Nothing But
Tavernier, Bertrand
Call Number: 1363
72.Madame Bovary
Call Number: 1369
73.May Fools
Malle, Louis
Call Number: 1375
74.My Father's Glory
Robert, Yves
Call Number: 1384
75.Comedian Harmonists
Richter, Klaus
Call Number: 1386
76.Notorious Nobodies/Illustres Inc.
Stanojevic, Stanislav
Call Number: 1390
77.The Return of Martin Guerre
Vigne, Daniel
Call Number: 1409
78.Girl from Hunan
Fei, Xie
Call Number: 141
79.Return of the Tall Blond Man
Robert, Yves
Call Number: 1411
80.Rules of the Game
Jean Renoir
Call Number: 1413
81.Sartre by Himself (Parts 1 and 2)
Astruc & Contant
Call Number: 1417
82.Great Wall, A
Wang, Peter
Call Number: 142
83.Simone de Beauvoir
Dayan & Robowska
Call Number: 1420
84.Simone De Beauvoir La femme rompue
Call Number: 1421
85.Small Change
Truffaut, Francois
Call Number: 1423
86.The Sorrow and the Pity
Marcel Ophuls
Call Number: 1425
87.The Story of Adele H.
Truffaut, Francois
Call Number: 1426
88.Tall Blond Man with one Black Shoe
Robert, Yves
Call Number: 1427
Richard Andry
Call Number: 1428
Varda, Agnes
Call Number: 1437
91.Hibiscus Town
Xie Jin
Call Number: 144
92.The Vanishing
Sluizer, George
Call Number: 1441
93.Aguirre, The Wrath of God
Herzog, Werner
Call Number: 1445
94.Alice in the Cities
Wenders, Wim
Call Number: 1448
95.Horse Thief, The
Zhuangzhuang, Tian
Call Number: 145
96.Alte Leute Werden Manchmal Wunderlich
TV Play
Call Number: 1451
97.In the Wild Mountains
Yan Xueshu
Call Number: 146
98.The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant
Fassbinder, Rainer Werner
Call Number: 1461
99.Das Boot: The Director's Cut
Petersen, Wolfgang
Call Number: 1468
100.Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Robert Wiene
Call Number: 1471
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